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Big Dinky (aka On The Farm)

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Absolute Beginner
Don Pascual (FR) - June 2012
Do Dat Diddly Ding Dang - The Fat Cowboy
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Start on vocals (16 counts)

Section 1: Steps R & L forward, R kick x2, R & L back steps, touch R toe behind x2
1-2 Step R forward, step L forward
3-4R kick forward x2
5-6R back step, L back step
7-8 Point R toe behind x2

Section 2: Heel R, together, heel L, together, walks R,L,R,L making a full circle to the R
1-2R heel forward, together, L heel forward, together
5-8Walks R,L,R,L making a full circle to the R

Style: On counts 5 to 8, handle a lasso with your left hand

Section 3: Step R to the R, together, step R to the R, hitch L, step L to the L, together, ¼ T to the L & step L forward, hitch R
1-4Step R to the R, L beside R, step R to the R, hitch L beside R
5-8Step L to the L, R beside L, ¼ turn to the L & step L forward, hitch R beside L

Section 4: Stomps R & L, clap x2, R & L hip bumps, knees bent, straight
1-2Stomp R in place, stomp L beside R
3-4Clap, clap
5-6 Hip bump to the R, hip bump to the L
7-8Bend your knees (knees outward, hands at your waist), recover

Have fun and try again...



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