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Bila Kulupa

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Phrased Beginner / Light Intermediate
T. Setiawan (INA) - April 2012
Panah Asmara by Elva's Singer
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Notes : Start after 32 count Intro - Sequence : A-A-B-A-B-A-A-A-A-A-B-A-A-A

PART A – 32 counts
(1-8) Step and Touch, Side and Recover, Behind Side Cross
1-2-3-4Long step R forward, touch toe L beside R, long step L forward, touch toe R beside L
5-6-7&8Step R to right, recover on L, cross step R behind L, step L side, cross step R over L

(9-16) Backward Shuffle, Step back and Cross Shuffle
1&2Step L back, step R back to L toe, step L back
3&4Step R back, step L back to R toe, step R back
5-6-7Step L back, recover on R, make ¼ turn left on cross L over R (9.00)
&8Step R to right, cross L over R

(17-24) Point Cross, Paddle turn
1-2-3-4Point R to right, cross step R over L, point L to left, cross step L over R
5-6-7-8Point R forward to diagonal right, make ¼ turn left, point R forward to diagonal right, make ¼ turn left(3.00)
Restart on wall 13.

(25-32) Kick Ball Touch and Side step, Mambo step
1&2Kick R forward, step R next to L, touch toe L beside R
3-4Step L to left, touch toe R beside L [to Ending]
5&6Step R forward, recover on L, step R back next to L
7&8Step L back, recover on R, step L forward next to R

PART B – 32 counts
(1-8) Step, Hitch and Turn
1-2-3-4Long step R to right, drag L to R, step L back, recover on R
5-6-7-8Step L forward, make ¼ turn left with hitch R, cross R over L, step L together(9.00)

(9-16) Side mambo, Step forward and Coaster step
1&2Step R to right, recover on L, step R next to L
3&4Step L to left, recover on R, Step L next to R
5-6-7&8Step R forward, recover on L, step R back, step L next to R, step R forward

(17-24) Step, Hitch an Turn
1-2-3-4Long step L to left, drag R to L, step R back, recover on L
5-6-7-8Step R forward, make ¼ turn right with hitch L, cross L over R, touch R beside L(12.00)

(25-32) Monterey turn, Out and In
1-2-3-4Point R to right, ¼ turn right and step R next to L, Point L to left, step L together (3.00)
5-6Step R forward to diagonal right, step L to left side
7-8Step R back, step L together

Ending: Pivot turn
5-6-7Step R forward, make ½ turn left, long step R forward

Enjoy and have fun……….


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