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Black & White Country Funk

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High Intermediate
Hanna Pitkänen (FIN) & Laura Hannele Pitkänen (FIN) - November 2016
Black & White - Ignatius : (Album: Kameleontti - Spotify)
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** This choreography placed 2nd at a local Traditional Western Dance Competition at Orimattila Finland Feb 2017 **

Intro: 16 counts

[1-8]: Rock L, behind side cross, Rock R behind side cross
1-2Rock L to L side, recover to R
3&4Step L behind R, step R to R side, step L over R
5-6Rock R to R side, recover to L
7&8Step R behind L, step L to L side, step R over L

[9-16] Unwind full turn with a sweep, behind side cross, turn ¼ R, Lock L behind, step fwd R, scuff L
1-2Unwind full turn L, sweep L front to back
3&4Step left behind R, Step R to R side, step L over R
5-6¼ turn R step R fwd, lock L behind R
7-8Step R fwd, Scuff L *Restart/tag here on 3rd wall: ½ turn R on count 8

[17-24] Hitch ½ turn R, Step L, ¼ turn R cross R over L, ¼ turn L step fwd L, ¼ turn R cross R over L, ¼ turn L with rock fwd L recover, touch back L step back L with a bodyroll
1-2Hitch L making a ½ turn R, Step L fwd
3-4¼ turn R crossing R over L, ¼ turn L stepping L fwd
5-6¼ turn R crossing R over L, ¼ turn L rock L fwd
*3-6, styling: bend knees when turning R, straighten when turning L
7recover to R
8&1Touch L back (lean shoulders slightly back), Transfer weight to L (sit on 1)*bodyroll*
Easier option: 8&1 Touch L back, Transfer weight to L on 1

[25-32] Walk back R L, heel swivel R, step fwd R, Point L side, point R side, point L side, rock L with a bodyroll
2-3Step back R, Step back L
4-5swivel R heel to R, swivel R heel to center transferring weight to R
6&7&Point L to L side, step L next to R, point R to R side, step R next to L
8&1Point L to L side (leaning slightly to L), transfer weight to L (1 is the first count of the next wall) *bodyroll*
Easier option: 8-1 Point L to L side, rock L to L side

RESTART/TAG*: happens on 3rd wall after 15 counts. Make a ½ turn R on count 16, keep weight on R, start again.

Styling from the choreographers: At the beginning of the dance snap your fingers on count 16 before starting and at the Restart do it again or you can make a quick pose when he sings -aah!-. Third time snap your fingers at the end of wall 8 (on the word "AND" from the lyrics).

Have fun dancing!

Last update 21.2.2017


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