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Black Or White
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Sobrielo Philip Gene, Singapore (Aug 09)
Black Or White by Michael Jackson
Step Hitch, Jump, Head Body Turn,Hip Trust
1-2 Step forward right (1), hitch left beside right (2)
3&4 Jump with feet apart(3), jump and cross feet(&), jump with feet apart(4)
5&6 Turn head ¼ left(5), twist feet and body ¼ left(&), sit and place weight onto right(6)
7&8 Hip trust forward(7), hip trust back(&), hip trust forward(8)

Shuffle, Skates, Point ½ Turn Unwind, Kick Step Step
1&2 Step forward left(1), step right beside left(&), step left forward(2)
3-4 Skate forward right (3), skate forward left(4)
5-6 Point right behind left(5), unwind ½ turn right (6) (weight on left)
7&8 Kick right forward (7), step right to right (&), step left to left (8) (feet apart)

Hands Knees Bend, Knee Pop Jump. Step Step Moonwalk
1&2 Using right hand touch left shoulder(1),using right hand touch right shoulder(&), bend knees into sitting position(2)(right hand down at respective side)
3&4 Pop both knees inwards each other(3), pop both knees out(&),jump with feet together(4)
5-6 Step forward right(5), (6)step forward left
7&8 Slide right back(7), (8)slide left back (weight on left)

Toe Step, Side Step (Twice), ¼ Turn Sliding Steps (X4)
1-2 Touch toe next to right, stepping down on right slide left to left
3-4 Touch toe next to right, stepping down on right slide left to left
5-6 Touch toe next to right, stepping down on right slide left to left
7-8 Touch toe next to right, stepping down on right slide left to left

Side Shuffle, Cross Unwind, Hands , Touch Shap,Hands
1&2 Step right to right(1), step left beside right(&), step right to right(2)
3-4 Cross left over right(3), unwind ½ turn right(4)
5&6 Using right hand dust left shoulder(5), using left hand dust right shoulder(&), touch left behind right and snap right fingers down to right side(6)
7-8 Point right hand up to right slightly swaying body to right(7), Point left hand up to left slightly swaying body to left(8)

Step, Hands, Heels Bounce
1-2 Step left to left with both knees bend(1) place right hand on waist or belt buckle(2)
3-4 Point left hands up(3), place left hand to left (pointing to left) hand at shoulder level(4)
5-8 Bounce heels 3 times slightly moving forward(5-7), Jump with feet together(8)
Note: on counts 5-8 left hands will still be at position of count 4
Note: on count 3 if you are wearing a hat instead of pointing up, push hat slightly forward.

Moonwalks Back, Hand, Jump Hands
1-4 Slide right back(1), slide left back (2), slide right back(3), slide left back(4)
5-6 step right forward right (5) step left to left (6)(feet apart)
7-8 Bending knees using right hand slice forwards as if doing a karate chop(7) jump feet together(8) hands to respective side at shoulder level.

RESTART: on wall 3 do until counts 52 and start again

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