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High Intermediate
Blackout by Freya Riding
Step Sweep, front side behind sweep, Behind 3/8 turn L, reverse spiral 5/8 turn L, run run run touch forward
12&3Step RF forward as you sweep LF from back to front, cross LF over RF, step RF to R side, cross LF behind R sweep RF from front to back
4&5cross RF behind LF, making 3/8 turn L step LF forward (7:30), making 5/8 turn L step RF back into a reverse spiral over L shoulder LF finishes hooked across R shin (11:30)
6&78step LF forward, step RF forward, step LF forward, touch R toe forward

Back sweep, back to unwind ½ turn, 1/8 turn step sweep L, syncopated jazz box, step drag
12&3step RF back as you sweep LF from front to back, step LF back touch R toe back unwind ½ turn R keeping weight back on LF (5:30)
4making 1/8 turn R step RF forward as you sweep LF from back to front (6:00)
5&6&cross LF over RF, step RF back, step LF to L side, cross RF over LF
7-8step LF a big side step L and slowly drag R to meet it as you angle the body (5:30)
(Restart here on wall 2)

Ronde run around turn sweep, jazz box half, pirouette (Ronde) step, run run run, L forward mambo
1ronde RF around – completing a full circle on the floor with R toe
2&3making a full turn over R shoulder step RF a ¼ turn R, step LF forward making a ¼ turn R, turn ½ a turn R step RF forward as you ronde LF from back to front (5:30)
4&cross LF over RF, making a ¼ turn L as you step back on RF (1:30)
5turn a ¼ turn L (11:30) as you do that is the beginning of a full pirouette turn L picking up RF
(Option to ronde sweep the RF a full turn) (11:30)
6&7Step RF forward, step LF forward, step RF forward
8&1Rock weight forward onto LF, replace weight to RF, step LF back

Cross unwind 7/8 turn L, side touch behind, R arm extends out, L arm draws up the body, unwind ½ turn L
2 3 4cross RF over LF (2), unwind 7/8 turn L transferring weight to LF (3,4) (12:00)
&5step RF to R side (as you shoot R hand out and down with fingers spread), touch LF behind RF
6 7draw L hand up the L hand side of the body and reach above head
8unwind ½ turn L transferring weight to LF as you draw L hand down towards hip

Last Update - 6th July 2017
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