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Bleeding Love '07

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Paul Foxall (UK) - October 2007
Bleeding Love - Leona Lewis
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Intro: 4 counts.

1 2 Step Right To Right Side, Cross Step Left Over Right
3 & 4 Side Right Chasse
5 6 Cross Rock Left Over Right, Recover onto Right Foot
7 8 Step Left Foot into ¼ Turn To Left, Make Another ½ Turn To The Left Stepping Back On Right

1 2 Turn ¼ Turn To Left Taking A Large Step To Left On Left Foot, Slowly Dragging Right Up to Left
Note: Counts 7 8 1 Should Make A Full Turn
& 3 4 Quickly Step Onto Right And Walk Forward Left Right
5 6 Step Forward Left, Pivot ½ Turn Right
7 & 8 Make ½ Turn Right Stepping Back onto Left, Make A Further ¼ Turn Right Stepping Right To Right, Cross Step Left Over Right

1 2 Lunge Forward Onto The Right Foot To The Right Diagonal, Recover
3 & 4 Weave To The Left, Stepping Right Behind Left, Left To The Left Side And Right Across Left
5 6 Step Left To Left, Tap Right Next To Left
7 8 Step Right Forward Into Half A Turn Right, Tap Left Next To Right

1 2 Rock Left Foot Out To Left Side, Recover
3 & 4 Left Sailor Step (Make The Last Step A Large Lunge Step To The Left Dragging Right)
5 6 Make A Sharp ½ Turn To The Rocking Onto Right Foot To The Right Side, Recover On To Left As You Make ¼ Turn To The Left
7 & 8 Make ½ Turn Left Stepping Back On Right, Make Further ½ Turn Left Stepping Forward On Left, Make ¼ Turn To The Left Touching Right Foot Next To Left

Begin again

TAG: 8 Counts
(Danced Once At The End Of Wall 4 Facing 12 o’clock)
1 2 3 4 Step Right To The Right Side As You Sway Hips Right, Left, Right, Left
5 6 7 8 Walk Around To The Right Stepping Right, Left, Right, Left Making A Full Turn.


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