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Bleeding Love

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Beginner / Intermediate
Stacie White (UK) - November 2007
Bleeding Love - Leona Lewis
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Dance starts 32 counts into song, when the beat kicks in

Make 1¼ Turn Left, Lunge forward, Weave, unwind sweep
1-2 Step L to L side, Cross R over L turning ¾ L
&-3 Step onto L making a ¼ L turn back to the front (&), Lunge onto R, making another ¼ turn L to face 9 o’clock (3)
4&5 Step L behind R, Step R to R side, Cross L in front of R.
6-7 Unwind a full turn R, Sweeping R leg out on 7
Alternatively if you don not want to turn, you can replace steps 1-3 with
1-2&3 Step L to L side, Cross R over L. Step L to L side making a ¼ turn L, Lunge forward onto R.

Counts 6 and 7 can also be danced different, making the sweep on count 7 faster by dancing the weave (4&5) the same but adding an extra step cross on counts & 6, doing step to R side (&) Step L across R, Then turning and sweeping R on count 7.

R Sailor with a cross, Hip Sways/Bumps, Back rock, Hip Twist Chasse
8&1 Step R behind L, Step L to L side, Step R over L
2-3 Step onto L and Sway hips L, Sway hips R
4&5 Bump hips L,R,L (weight end on L)
6-7 Rock Back on R foot, Recover weight onto L
8&1 Step R forward and slightly across L, Close L to R, Step R out to R side

Pivot turn Locking shuffle or turn, Mambo steps
2-3 Cross L over R and pivot a ¾ turn R (weight ends on R)
4&5 L locking shuffle forward, stepping L, lock R behind, Step forward L
(This can also be a full turn forward stepping L,R,L)
6&7& R cross mambo, Recover L, R mambo R side, Recover onto L
8&1 R mambo to R side, Recover onto L, Step R across L

Pivot ½ Forward twinkles, Half turn twinkle
2-3 Step L forward and make a ½ turn pivot
4&5 Step L diagonally forward, Step R to R side, Close L beside R
6&7 Step R diagonally forward. Step L to L side, Close R beside L
8&1 Step L over R, Turn ½ L stepping R in place, Step L to side (1st step of dance)

Begin Again!

The tag is danced after the 3rd wall, before the 4th wall, after the chorus and is only danced once.
1-3 Step L to L side, Rock back R, Recover
4&5 Side chasse R,L,R
6-7 Rock forward onto L, Recover onto R
8&1 Side chasse L,R,L (last step of the chasses is the 1st step of the dance)


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