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Blue Night Cha

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Kim Ray (UK) - July 2010
Blue Night - Michael Learns to Rock : (CD: 19 Love Songs)
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Alt. Music: Be Your Honey Bee by Blake Shelton

S1: Right Rock Forward/Recover, Shuffle Back, Left Rock Back/Recover, Shuffle Forward
1-2 Rock forward on right, recover back left
3&4 Shuffle back stepping right, left right
5-6 Rock back on left, recover forward on right
7&8 Shuffle forward stepping left, right left

S2: Right Side Rock/Recover, Cross Shuffle, Left Side Rock/Recover, Cross Shuffle
1-2 Side rock right, recover on left
3&4 Cross right over left, step left to left side, cross right over left
5-6 Side rock left, recover on right
7&8 Cross left over right, step right to right side, cross left over right

S3: ¼ Turn Left Step Back, Step Side, Triple ½ Turn Left, Walk Back, Coaster Step
1-2 ¼ Turn left stepping back on right, step left to left side
3&4 ¼ Turn left stepping right to right side, ¼ turn left stepping left next to right, step back on right (shuffle ½ turn left)
5-6 Walk back on left, walk back on right
7&8 Step back on left, step right next to left, step forward on left

S4: Side Right, Together, Shuffle Forward, Side Left, Together, Coaster Step
1-2 Step right to right side, step left next to right
3&4 Shuffle forward stepping right, left, right
5-6 Step left to left side, step right next to left
7&8 Step back on left, step right next to left, step forward on left

For a nice finish you will start final wall facing 3o/c :–
Dance up to counts 3&4 of Section 2 then ¼ turn left stepping forward on left to face front and touch right next to left.


Orangecat February 28, 2017
I love this dance and music and so do my Beginner classes.

Pony Chen May 14, 2019

HP June 18, 2019
I do this to Your Man/ Josh Turner

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