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Blue Rose (Circle Dance)

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Beginner / Improver Circle
Shirley Blankenship (USA) - July 2017
Blue Rose Is - Pam Tillis
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Every One is in a circle at this point

Jazz Box twice
1-4Cross right over left,step back on left,step right to right, step left next to right
5-8Cross right over left, step back on left,step right to right,cross left over right

Vine Right / Touch - Vine Left 1/4 Left
1-4Step right to right, left behind right, step right, touch left next to right
5-8Step left to left, right behind left, step 1/4 left on left, touch right next to left

Shuffle Forward 4 Times - Right,Left.Right.Left
1&2 3&4Shuffle forward right, R,L,R Shuffle forward left L,R,L
5&6 7&8Shuffle forward right, R,L,R Shuffle forward left L,R.L

Vine Right - Moving to inside Circle hold out your Hand as to touch others hands
1-4Step right to right,left behind right, step right to right , touch left next to right
Vine Left - Moving to outside Circle
5-8Step left to left, right behind left, step left to left, touch right beside left

1/2 Turn Left - 1/4 Left Turn
1-2Step forward on right 1/2 turn over left shoulder
3-4Step forward on right 1/4 turn over left shoulder

At this point you should be back facing back to inside circle ------- Start Again

Have Fun, Enjoy

It's all about dancing and having fun!!!!!!


HiveDiver May 26, 2018
Hi Shirley. Love this version of Blue Rose. I shared it at Thataways this past week. It was a large group and everyone seemed to really enjoy it. Lots of positive feedback. The only suggestion I have is to maybe make the dance two counts longer by modifying the ending to be three 1/4 turns. That way the dance would be 38 counts, the same counts as the original Blue Rose, and both could be done together on the same dance floor. I think it would look so nice to have everyone at the same place in the dances all the way through. Just an idea. I look forward to your feedback on this.

SOFTBALLMOMMA October 8, 2021
I love this variation of an old dance. However, the demo posted is not what the step sheet says. It should look a lot different than what they are doing in the video. Can you please post a correct video for this step sheet. Thank you!

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