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Blue Venus
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Bobbey Willson - October 2016
Venus by Shocking Blue
Intro: 40 beats: Begin on beat 9 (When lyrics begin you are starting Wall 2, facing 12:00)

Choreographed as a Performance Piece, also as a line dance - See note below

S 1: {1-8} Toe Struts RL, Point & Fwds RL
1 2*Touch R toe in place, Drop R heel down (3:00)
3 4Touch L toe forward, Drop heel down
5 6 7 8Point R to diagonal, Step R forward, Point L to diagonal, Step L forward

S 2: {9-16} 1/4right Monterey, Step-long & Hold to right diagonal RL
1 2Point R to right, Pivot 1/4 right and step R beside L (6:00)
3 4Point L to left, Step L beside R
5 6Step R long to forward diagonal, Hold (7:30)
7 8Step L long to forward right diagonal, Hold

S 3: {17-24} Walks RL, Coaster, Step 1/2right, Step Lock Step fwd LRL
1 2Adjust to 6:00. Stride R forward, Stride L forward (6:00)
3&4Step R back, Step L beside R, Step R forward
5 6Step L forward, Pivot 1/2 right and step R down (12:00)
7&8Step L forward, Step R behind L, Step L forward

S 4: {25-32} Point & Fwds RL, Step-Bump, Step-Bump
1 2 3 4Point R to diagonal, Step R forward, Point L to diagonal, Step L forward
5 6&Touch R forward, Hold and face left and snap fingers (may bump), Step R beside L
7 8&Touch L forward, Hold and face right and snap fingers (may bump), Step L beside R

*Wall 1 ONLY: Begin with Pivot 1/4 right and touch R toe in place… (see series below)

Tag #1: 16 Counts - you will be facing 6:00 (back of hall for performance)
Tag 1-1: {1-8} 1/4 right-step Hold, Step, Hold, Back 3/4 Rolling Vine w/Cross
1 2 3 4Turn 1/4 right and step R forward, Hold, Step L forward, Hold (9:00)
5 6Turn 1/4 left and step R back, Turn 1/4 left and step L forward (3:00)
7 8Turn 1/4 left and step R to right, Cross L over R (12:00)

Tag1-2: {9-16} 1/4 right-step, Hold, Step, Hold, Walk back x4
1 2 3 4Turn 1/4 right and step R forward, Hold, Step L forward, Hold (3:00)
5 6 7 8Steps back: RLRL

Tag #2: 8 Counts - you will be facing 3:00 occurs only once after 2nd Tag#1 (16)
1 2 3 4Step R to right, Touch L beside R, Turn 1/8 left and step L to left, Touch R beside L
5 6 7 8Repeat 1 2 3 4 (12:00)

Series: 32, 32, 32, T1, 32, 32, 32, T1, T2, 32, 32, T1, 32, (28 -Turn 1/4 to end facing 12:00)

Please do not alter this step sheet in any way. If you would like to use on your website please make sure it is in its original format and include all contact details on this script.
 [ willbeys@aol.com ] [ www.bobbeywillson.com ]

This dance is choreographed as a Performance Piece for our Winter 2016 Event- our theme is along the lines of a Night with the Gods. We will use this dance on its own during the evening, but also have a special presentation which combines this music and dance with Venus (Goddess of Love) dance and its corresponding music. If you are interested in info on this separate arrangement of dance and music please email me: willbeys@aol.com or check my website.

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