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Body Rhythm

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Jeang A Choi (KOR) - April 2021
Body Rhythm - SHINee
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Intro 16 count

[1-8] Across, Back, Triple Side, Across, Back, Triple Side
1 2Across R over L(1), Step L back(2)
3 & 4Step R to right side(3), Step L next to R(&), Step R to right side(4)
5 6Across L over R(5), Step R back(6)
7&8Step L to right side(7), Step R next to L(&), Step L to right side(8)

[9-16] Heel Swivel, Back Skate Step
1&2RF Ball forward, RF Swivel heel out, RF Swivel heel in
3&4LF Ball forward, LF Swivel heel out, LF Swivel heel in
5 6RF Step backward, LF Step backward
7 8RF Step backward, LF Step backward

[1-16] Repeat

[17-24] Toe touch, Hold, Step Side Knee Bounce, Step L Slide R, Flick RL Point R
1 2RF Toe touch, Hold(option: body roll)
3 4LF Side, Knee Bounce(option: Arm Circle)
5 6LF Slide, RF Slide
7&8LF Step side RF Flick, LF Flick, LF Toe Point

[25-32] Batucadas, L Knee Hitch Doubles, RF point Hold ×2
1&a2&aLF press ball forward(1), replace weight onto RF(&), step LF back(a) RF press ball forward(2), replace weight onto LF(&), step RF back(a)
3&4 1:30 LF Knee Hitch, R Behind close, LF Knee Hitch
5&6LF Step together, RF Toe Touch 1:30, Hold(Wrist shake)
7&8RF Step ogether, RF Toe Touch 1:30, Hold(Wrist shake)

[33-40] Step RF Side, Step LF Side, Back Step LF RF, Pop Knee ×2
1234RF Side(1), LF Side(2), RF Side (3), LF Side(4)
56LF Back walk 4:30, RF Back walk 4:30
7&8LF Pop Knee, RF Close, LF Pop Knee
[41-48] RF Side Flick, RF Inside Flick, Back Knee Bent ×2
1234&RF Side Flick(1), RF Inside Flick(2), RF Side Flick(3), RF Back Knee bent(4), Knee bent(&)
5&6RF Press ball diagonal 1:30, RF close, Slide
7&8LF Step Side, RF Step Side, Body Roll

[33-48] Repeat (Option-[41-48] Variation)

[1-8] R Step and Body Roll or Chest Bump
1234R Step Side, Body Roll
5678Chest Bump

[1-16] Body Roll Left, LF hitch, Body Roll R, RF hitch, Moon walk RL, Poppin Walk RLRL, Kick LRLR
1234Body Roll, LF Hitch
5678Body Roll, RF Hitch

9-12RF Step Tap, RF Step Back, LF Step Tap, LF Step Back, Poppin Walk
13-16LF Step Kick, RF Step Kick, LF Step Kick, RF Step Kick

[Restart] - After 3wall


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