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Body Swing

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High Improver WCS
Shane McKeever (N.IRE) & Roy Verdonk (NL) - June 2019
Mad Love - Mabel
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Intro : 16 counts

S1: Forward R/L, Mambo R, Back L/R, Sailor L
1-2RF step forward , LF step forward
3&4RF rock forward, recover onto LF (&), RF step back
5-6LF step back, RF step back
7&8LF cross behind RF, RF step right (&), LF step left

S2: Cross, 1/4 Turn R, Back, Coaster R, Out/ Out/ In/ In, Point Forward L, Swivel, Together
1-2RF cross in front of LF, makes 1/4 turn right stepping LF back (03.00)
3&4RF step back, LF step together (&), RF step forward
5&LF step out on heel on diagonal left, RF step out on heel on right diagonal(&)
6&Lf step back to centre, RF step together(&)
7&LF touch toes forward, BF swivel heels left(&)
8&BF swivel heels back to centre , LF step together (&)

S3: Forward R/L, 1/8 Turn L, Ball/ Cross,1/8 Turn R, 1/2 Turn R With Sweep, Anchor Step
1-2RF step forward, LF step forward
&3-4make 1/8 turn left (01.30) stepping RF small step right (&), LF cross in front of RF, make 1/8 turn right stepping RF forward (03.00)
5-6make 1/2 turn right stepping LF back (09.00), RF sweep from front to back
7&8RF step slightly behind LF (3rd position), recover onto LF (&), recover onto RF

S4: Step/Point (2×), Cross, 1/4 Turn L, Back, Triple L
1-2LF step forward, RF point right
3-4RF step forward, LF point left
5-6LF cross in front of RF, make 1/4 turn left stepping RF back (06.00)
7&8LF step left, RF step together (&), LF step left

Last Update - 3 July 2019


catman June 29, 2019
Oh! BF=BOTH FEET. Sheesh.

Happy Feeet June 30, 2019
Cool soundtrack. Thank you for the doable choreography, class would love it !

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