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Boogie Nights

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Shaz Walton & her Coleshill Modern Line dancers (Sept 2012)
Boogie Nights by Heatwave
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Start dance on main lyrics.

Step touch. Step touch. Coaster step. Scuff hitch. Step.
1-2Step right to right side. Touch left beside right.
3-4Step left to left side. Touch right beside left.
5&6Step back right. Step back left. step forward right.
&7-8scuff left forward. Hitch left knee. Step left forward.

Heel. ¼. Coaster step. Jazz box ¼ cross.
1-2Dig right heel forward. Make ¼ right stepping back left.
3&4Step back right. Step back left. step forward right.
5-6Cross left over right. Step back right.
7-8Make ¼ left stepping left forward. Cross right over left. *restart 1 & 2- see notes below*

Point Cross. Point Cross. Swivel ¼ kick. Coaster step
1-2Point left to left side. Cross step left over right.
3-4Point right to right side. Cross step right over left
5&6Swivel heels right left right as you make a ¼ left, kicking left forward on count 6.
7&8Step back left. Step back right. Step forward left.

Step hitch. Step hitch. Bump & Bump. Bump & Bump.
1-2Step forward right. Hitch left.
3-4Step forward left. Hitch right
5&6Touch right forward as you bump right hip forward, back, forward. (Dropping weight to right on last bump)
7&8Touch left forward as you bump leftt hip forward, back, forward. (Dropping weight to left on last bump)

Restarts.... 1 & 2

Walls..... 2&4 - Replace the jazz box ¼ with a jazz box facing the front wall, replace count 16 with a touch. Restart the dance again from 12 O'clock wall

Give it some attitude!!!! .....&....... BOOGIE!!

( 23:24:28)


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