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Boom Boom Boom

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High Beginner
Russibell Seoh - April 2019
붐붐붐 by 장윤정 Jang You Jeong
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Tag1, 32 32 Tag2, 32 Tag1, 32 Tag1 , 32 32 Tag2 , 32 32 , Ending 9 Wall Section1( 8 Counts) Tag1

Intro : 32 Counts

Sec 1. Pressy Walk RL ,R Shuffle Fwd, Pressy Walk LR , L Shuffle Fwd
12R Step Cross over L , L Step Cross Over R
3&4R Step Fwd , L Lock Step Behind R , R Step Fwd
56L Step Cross over R , R Step Cross Over L
7&8L Step Fwd(7), R Lock Step Behind L(&). L Step Fwd(8)
Notice : Sec1.1~8 Counts ( Hand Movement)
Both arms extend over the head and gently move to the right and left.
(Please refer to my video)

Sec2 . 1/2 Turn To L Pivot, Walk R L , Syncopated Fwd Rock Mambo Step
12R Step Fwd , Pivot 1/2 L ( Weight On L)(6:00)
34Fwd Walk R L
56&R Fwd Rock step, L Recover, R Step Next To L
78&L Fwd Rock Step, R Recover, L Step Next To R

Sec3. R Samba , L Samba. 1/4 R Turn R Cross Shuffle, 1/2 L Turn L Cross Shuffle
1&2R Cross Over L , L Side Rock , R Recover
3&4L Cross over R , R Side Rock, L Recover
5&61/4 R Turn R cross Over L, L Side, R Cross Over L (9:00)
7&81/2 L Turn L Cross Over R, R Side , L Cross Over R (3:00)

Sec4. R Side, Touch, L Rolling Vine , Back , Sweep , Back, Point
12R Step Side To The R, L Touch Next To R
3&4L Step Fwd 1/4 Turn L ,R Step Back 1/2 Turn L, L Step Side 1/4 Turn L
5678R Step Back , L Sweep From Fwd To Back, L Step Back, R Side Point

Tag 1 ( 4 Count ) Hip Sway R LR L ( Attach The Two legs To The Side)
Before Wall 1(12:00) , After Wall 3 (9:00) ,Wall 4 (12:00) &Ending (12:00)

Tag 2 ( 8 Count) , Hip Sway R L R L , R Rocking Chair
After Wall 2 (6:00) &Wall 6 ( 6:00)


Hann21921 April 8, 2019
Nice choreography. Beautiful dance and graceful demo.

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