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Boom Pow

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Flat Guo (CN) - April 2017
Boom Pow - Alexandra Stan : (Album: Alesta - 3:00)
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#32 count intro (1 Restart occurring after count 16 on rotations 2 and 5)

[1-8] Side,Recover,Sailor,1/4 Fwd,Fwd,Lock,Fwd,Lock
1-21)step R side 2)Recover to L
3&43)step R behind L &)stepping L to left side 4)step R to right side
5-65)Make 1/4 turn left stepping L forward 6)stepping R forward 【9:00】
7&87)Lock L behind R &)stepping R forward 8)Lock L Behind R 【9:00】

[9-16] Fwd,Fwd,Back,Lock,Back,Back,Hold,Back,Back,1/2 turn
1-21)stepping R forward 2)stepping L forward
3&43)stepping R back &)stepping L lock over R 4)step R back
5-65)stepping L Toe back 6)hold
&7&)stepping R next to L 7)stepping L back 【9:00】
88)Make 1/2 turn left stepping L down,R point to Right【3:00】
RESTART:2 and 5

[17-24] Fwd,Point,Unwind turn,Side,Swivel【L-R-L-R】
1-21)stepping R forward make 1/4 R turn 【6:00】 2)point L to left
3-43)cross L behind R 4)unwind turn 4/4 L 【6:00】
&stepping R to right side
5&5&)L swivel
6&6&)R swivel
7&7&)L swivel
88)R swivel

[25-32] Fwd,Touch,Back,Lock,Back,1/2 R turn Fwd,1/2R turn Back,Down,Lock
1-21)stepping R forward 2)touch L behind R
3&43)stepping R back &)lock R over L 4)stepping L back【6:00】
5-65)Make 1/2 turn right stepping R forward 【12:00】6)Make 1/2 turn right stepping L back 【6:00】
7-87)stepping R down 8)Lock L behind R;R hitch

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