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Boomerang (自作自受) (zh)

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Teresa Lawrence (UK) & Vera Fisher (UK) - July 2010
Just Like a Boomerang - Andrés Esteche
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前奏: Start dance 32 counts in on vocals.
Rock Back Replace Triple 1/2 L. Rock Back Replace Shuffle 1/4 Turn R.  後下沉 回復, 三步左轉, 後下沉 回復, 1/4左追步
Rock back on R, replace weight to L, triple 1/2 turn L stepping R,L,R
右足後下沉, 左足回復, 小三步左轉180-, ,
Rock back on L, replace weight to R, make 1/4 turn R and chasse L to L side (9)  左足後下沉, 右足回復, 右轉90度左追步
(Harder option for counts 7&8: 1-1/4 turn. Make 1/2 turn R stepping back on L, make further 1/2 turn R stepping fwd on R, make further 1/4 turn R stepping L to L side  
7&8拍進階版:(11/4)右轉180度左足後踏, 右轉180度右足前踏, 右轉90度左足左踏
Cross Side Cross Side Step. Rocking Chair. “High & Low”
交叉 側 交叉 側 前, 搖椅步(雙手擺高擺低)
Cross R over L, small step L to L side, cross R over L, small step L to L side, step fwd on R
右足於左足前交叉踏, 左足左踏, 右足於左足前交叉踏, 左足左踏, 右足前踏
Rock fwd on L, replace weight to R, rock back on L, replace weight to R (9)  左足前下沉, 右足回復, 左足後下沉, 右足回復(面向9點鐘)
In parts of the music they will sing “High & Low” on the rocking chair. Swing your arms up on the rock fwd & swing them back down on the rock back!
在搖椅步時音樂唱到“High & Low”前下沉時雙手高舉, 後下沉時雙手後擺
Step Ball Change X2. Pivot 1/2 Full Turn
森巴二次, 踏 轉 轉 轉
Step fwd L, rock out to R side on ball of R, replace weight to L, step fwd on R, rock out to L side on ball of L, replace weight to R
左足前踏, 右足右下沉, 左足回復, 右足前踏, 左足左下沉, 右足回復
Step fwd L, pivot 1/2 R, make full turn R travelling fwd stepping L,R. (Option: 2 walks fwd) (3)
左足前踏, 右軸轉180, 右轉180度左足踏, 右轉180度右足踏(簡易版:前走兩步)(面向3點鐘)
Rock Fwd Replace Shuffle Back. Step Back Hold & Rock Fwd Replace
下沉 回復, 後交換, 後踏 候, 併 下沉 回復
Rock fwd on L, replace weight to R, shuffle back on L.
左足前下沉, 右足回復, 左後交換
Step back on R and bring L heel up bending L knee slightly, hold, bring L next to R, rock fwd on R, replace weight back to L. (3)
右足後踏左足踵抬左膝略彎, , 左足併踏, 右足前下沉, 左足回復(面向3點鐘)
TAG: On the END of wall 6 repeat 5-6&7-8 of section 4.
第六面牆結束, 重覆第四段 5-6&7-8
Back Back Coaster, Ball Step, Side Rock, Replace 1/4. Shuffle 
後 後, 海岸步, 併 踏, 側下沉 回復1/4, 交換步
Walk back R,L, R coaster step  右足後走, 左足後走, 海岸步
Small step fwd on ball of L, step fwd on R, rock L to L side, replace weight to R making 1/4 turn R, shuffle fwd L. (6)
左足略前踏, 右足前踏, 左足左下沉, 右足回復右轉90, 前交換(面向6點鐘)
In parts of the music they will sing “clap your hands & stomp your feet”.  音樂唱到“clap your hands & stomp your feet”
On counts &5, the ball step, clap hands x2.   &5, 拍手二次
On counts &1, the last 2 steps of your shuffle, stomp!
8&1, 前交換最後的2(&1)用重踏的
Rock Fwd Replace Coaster Step. Rock Fwd Replace Step Back
下沉 回復, 海岸步, 前曼波
Rock fwd on R, replace weight back to L, R coaster step.
右足前下沉, 左足回復, 右海岸步
Rock fwd on L, replace weight back to R, step back on L. (6)
左足前下沉, 右足回復, 左足後踏
* For the FIRST 3 walls of the dance do the full 48 counts. Then just do the first 32, sections 1-4, for the rest of the track.
跳完前面三面牆, 最後第四面牆只跳前四段32
ENDING: You will be facing the 9 o’clock wall.There is 1 beat of music left. Touch R toe back and make 1/4 turn R to face front wall. Done!
面向9點鐘, 1拍音樂, 右足後點右轉90度面向前面牆, 結束!


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