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Brazilian Soul

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High Beginner
Michael Barr (USA) & Michele Burton (USA) - November 2018
Brazilian Soul by The Knocks (feat. Sufi Tucker) / CD: New York Narcotic / Length 3:17
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Lead: 32 cts. / BPM: 99 - No Tags / No Restarts

[1-8] Step Forward, Point, Step Forward, Point – Forward Cross, Ball, Changes X 2 (Bota Fogo)
1 - 4Step RF forward; Point LF side right; Step LF forward; Point RF side right
5 a6Step RF forward slightly crossing in front of LF; Side rock left onto ball of LF; Return weight onto RF
7 a8Step LF forward slightly crossing in front of RF; Side rock right onto ball of RF; Return weight onto LF

[9-16] Crossing Jazz Box 1/4 Turn Right – Chassé Right (w ½ turn right) Chassé Left
1 - 4Step RF in front of LF; Step RF back; Turn ¼ right stepping RF side right; Step LF in front of RF (3:00)
5 & 6Step RF side right; Step LF next to RF; Step RF side right (start turning to your right)
7 & 8Finish ½ turn right stepping LF side left; Step RF next to LF; Step LF side left (9:00)

[17-24] Touch, Step, Touch Step – 1/4 Left into 4 Sways (r,l,r,l)
1 - 4Touch RF forward in front of LF; Step RF side right; Touch LF forward in front of RF; Step LF side left
5 - 8Turn ¼ left stepping RF side right as you sway right; Sway left; Sway right; Sway left (weight on LF) (6:00)
Note: On your last sway make it small as you square up center

[25-32] Step Forward, 1/2 Turn Left, Step Forward, 1/4 Turn Left – Kick Step Touch x 2
1 - 4Step RF forward; Turn ½ left, weight on LF; Step RF forward; Turn ¼ left, weight on LF (9:00)
5 & 6Kick RF forward; Step RF slightly back; Touch LF next to RF
7 & 8Kick LF forward; Step LF slightly back; Touch RF next to LF
Note: The kick-ball-touches can move back ever so slightly.

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bbeerrtthhaa January 5, 2019
I like it. Easy enough for my beginner class

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