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Beginner / Improver Progressive
Alison Johnston (ENG) Peter Davenport (ES) March 2018
Broken - Maggie Rose, 3.11
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#32 Count Intro, Start just before Lyric’s, Approx. 20 Seconds. No Tags No Restarts

S1: Side Behind, ¼ L Rock ¼ L, Behind Side Cross
1.2Step L to L, Cross R behind L 12
3.4Step ¼ L, Rock out R ¼ L 6
5.6Recover on L (weight on L) Cross R behind L 6
7.8Step L to L, Cross R over L 6

S2: Sway, Sway, Sway, Behind, ¼ ¼ L, Behind Side
1.2Sway L.R 6
3.4Sway L, Cross R behind L 6
5.6¼ L step forward L, ¼ L step R to R 12
7.8Cross L behind R, Step R to R 12

S3: Cross Sweep, Cross Sweep, Jazz Box
1.2Cross L over R, Sweep R over L 12
3.4Cross R over L, Sweep L over R 12
5.6Cross L over R, Step back on R 12
7.8Step L to L, Cross R over L 12

S4: Rock Replace Behind, Rock Replace Behind, ¼ L Together
1.2Rock L to L, Recover on R 12
3.4Cross L behind R, Rock R out to R 12
5.6Recover on L, Cross R behind L 12
7.8¼ L step on L, Bring R to L 9

No Tags No Restarts Woo Woo


Best Wishes to Brighouse Friday Class, Nice to have met you all.

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linda LITTLEWOOD March 5, 2018

Linda Cottonbud March 7, 2018
Nice dance - fun to do. Might even get hubby to do it one day. :)

Big L March 11, 2018
Taught this- Lovely dance went down well - great music

Peggy Sue March 16, 2018
Great song and the dance looks good. Would like to learn it.

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