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Broken Heart

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Beginner Plus
Jean Welser (USA) - April 2013
Mama's Broken Heart - Miranda Lambert
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Styling should be “sassy” as this is Miranda Lambert!

(16 count lead-in)

1-2, 3-4RIGHT FOOT FANS (4 TIMES) – Right toe moves right and back in place while heel stays in place
5-6, 7-8(Repeat 1-4)

1&2RIGHT SHUFFLE – Triple forward – right, left, right
3&4LEFT SHUFFLE – Triple forward – left, right, left
5&6RIGHT SHUFFLE- as above
7&8LEFT SHUFFLE – as above

1-2, 3&4VINE RIGHT – Clogging style preferred: step right to side, left behind, and triple r,l,r
5-6, 7&8VINE LEFT – Clogging style: step left to side, right behind, and triple l,r,l_

1-4ROLLING (TURNING) VINE TO RIGHT – Turn right while moving to right at same time, making a complete circle, ending facing forward with left leg pointed out in pose
5-8ROLLING (TURNING) VINE TO LEFT – Same turn in opposite direction but last step should be a stomp with right foot to make it easier to begin next verse with right foot fans.

VERSE 2 – Done exactly as above in verse 1

CHORUS – Done as above in verses 1 & 2, but chorus has a 12 count extension or “Tag” as follows:
1-2Swivel right foot ;
3-4Swivel left foot;
5-12Do hip twists or shimmies until next verse starts

NEXT TWO VERSES AND CHORUS – Repeat above patterns of the two verses and the chorus with Tag

BREAK: The break is a 16 count interlude where the music and rhythm of the dance changes. Do the following with as much style and sass as possible:
1&2, 3&4, 5&6, 7&8Do 4 Charleston steps starting with the right foot
1&2, 3&4Do 2 Charleston knee crosses with hand movements for 4 counts, then
5&6, 7&8Stand, wave hands up in “no, no” movement for 5&6 and cover eyes for 7&8

LAST (ENDING) CHORUS – Follow the same directions as for the choruses above with the 12 count extension, except that the music extends and then drifts off, so continue to do hip swivels or alternative sassy styling for ending.



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