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Bruised Egos

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Phrased Advanced NC
Fred Whitehouse (IRE) & Jean-Pierre Madge (CH) - August 2020
Bruises - Lewis Capaldi : (iTunes)
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Intro: NO intro, start on the very first count!!!
Sequence: AAA, B (starts at 6:00), AA, B (facing 12:00), AAA*, BB, A.
* NOTE!!! Change + restart during 8th A starting at 6:00: do counts 1-6& (now facing 3:00), then add counts 15&16& of A to restart into B facing 6:00
Ending: Complete your last A which automatically finishes at 12:00 …

A Part: only 16 counts, 2 wall
[1 - 9] Back R kick L, back L, ½ R, ½ R X2, L rock fwd, ¾ L hitch, fwd L, full triple R sweep
1 - 2&Step back on R kicking L fwd and pushing R hand fwd (1), step L back (2), turn ½ R stepping R fwd (&) 6:00
3&4&Step L fwd (3), turn ½ R onto R (&), step L fwd (4), turn ½ R onto R (&) 6:00
5&Rock L fwd (5), recover back on R (&), 6:00
6&7Turn ½ L stepping down on L hitching R knee (6) continue ¼ L on L (&), Step R fwd (7) … Styling for count 7: drag out your stepping down on R, almost as a point on count 7 and then step down on R on the & count… 9:00
8&1Turn ½ R stepping L back (8), turn ½ R stepping R fwd (&), step L fwd and slightly over R sweeping R fwd (1) 9:00

[10 - 16] Weave into R back rock, ¼ L x 2, sway X2, cross rock, side rock, ¼ R with side L
2&3Cross R over L (2), step L to L side (&), rock back on R (3) … Styling for count 3: During 1st A move both hands from mouth and fwd ('whisper'). During 2nd A cover mouth with both hands ('words spoken'). During 3rd A bring both hands together to pray ('my Lord') 9:00
4&5Recover on L (4), turn ¼ L stepping R backwards (&), turn ¼ L stepping L to L side (5) … Styling: R hand goes from L shoulder and down side of L arm ('sides') 3:00
&6Sway body R (&), sway body L (6) 3:00
7&8&Cross rock R over L (7), recover on L stepping L slightly fwd (&), rock R to R side (8), turn ¼ R stepping L to L side (&) … Note: you're moving slightly fwd on 7&8& 6:00

B Part: 16 counts, 2 wall
[1 - 9] Back R with sweep, ½ L, full spiral R, run 1/8 R X2, 1/8 R walk RLR 1/8 R, cross ¼L X2
1Step back on R sweeping L to the side (1) … Styling: bring both arms fwd and out to both sides as if diving into water 6:00
&2 - 3Touch L back (&), turn ½ L onto L (2), make a full R spiral turn on L ending with R hooked over L (3) … Styling for count 2: make a wave with R hand fwd 12:00
4&Turn 1/8 R stepping R fwd (4), turn 1/8 R stepping L fwd (&) 3:00
5 - 7Turn 1/8 R walking R fwd (5), walk L fwd (6), turn 1/8 R stepping R fwd with a L sweep (7) … Styling for counts 5-7: hug/rub your shoulders ('getting colder') 6:00
8&1Cross L over R (8), turn ¼ L stepping R back (&), turn ¼ L stepping L to L side (1) … Styling for count 1: push both arms out to the sides and lift R leg off the floor 12:00

[10 - 16] Full chase turn, fingers point fwd, to head, hands to sides, R hand down/up, walk RL
2&3Turn ¼ L on L stepping R fwd (2), turn ½ L onto L (&), turn ¼ L stepping R to R side (3) … Styling for counts 2&3: hug yourself on 2& ('Hold you'), bring arms down on 3 12:00
&aPoint R index finger fwd on 'YOU' in lyrics (&), point L index finger fwd on 'KEEP' in lyrics (a) 12:00
4e&a Bring R hand to R side of head on 'MY' in lyrics (4), bring L hand to L side of head on 'HEAD' in lyrics (e), place R hand out to R side bent at R elbow and with R palm down on 'FROM' in lyrics (&), place L hand out to L side bent at L elbow with L palm down on 'GOING' in lyrics (a) 12:00
5 - 6Push R hand down and under L arm in a waving motion bending in L leg on 'UN' in lyrics (5), pull R arm back and up above head on 'DER' in lyrics (6) … weight is still on L 12:00
7 - 8Walk R fwd (7), walk L fwd (8) … now ready to step back on R into either A or B 12:00

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Bettan October 11, 2020
Absolutely love this! 5 Stars from me and my class who also like it as much. But if I could give it 10 stars I would but that was just not an option...😊

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