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Brush Your Toes

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Novice - Funky / Street
Raquel Reynolds (USA) - September 2021
Starts after 32 count intro
One TAG (danced twice) and One Restart

(1-8) Step L Fwd, Step R Fwd, Step L Fwd, Slide R, Rock Recover ¼ Right, Cross Triple
12Step Left Forward, Step Right Forward
34Step Left Forward, Slide Right Diagonally Forward (facing 10:30)
56Step Left Forward (12:00), Turn ¼ Right Step Right Side (3:00)
7&8Cross Left Over Right, Step Right Side, Cross Left Over Right

(9-16) Jump Back, Jump Forward, Slap Right Heel, ½ Paddle Turn Left
12Jump Both Feet Back, Jump Both Feet Forward
3&4Touch Left Hand to Right Heel Turned In, Touch Right Hand to Right Heel Turned Out, Touch Left Hand to Right Heel Turned In
5678Touch Right Fwd, Turn ¼ Left, Touch Right Fwd Turning ¼ Left (9:00)
**** RESTART HERE after 7th wall

(17-24) Touch R Fwd, Touch R Back, Body Roll Right, Back L, Back R, LRL
12Touch Right Forward (9:00), Touch Right Back
34Body Roll Ending (12:00)
56Step Left Back, Step Right Back
7&8Step Left Back, Step Right Back, Step Left Back

**(25-32) Hands to Hips, Hands to Floor Plank, Right-Left-Right Knee, Stand, Pivot
12Hands Touch Hips, Bend to Floor Placing Hands on the Ground in a Plank
3&4Right Knee In, Left Knee In, Right Knee In
56Tuck Knees To Squat, Rise to Standing Position
78Turning ¼ Left Step Right Forward, Turning ½ Turn Left- Step Left Back to Right

*****TAG***** At the End of the 2nd Wall
(1-8) Right Check Forward, Left Check Forward, Paddle Turn Left
1&2Cross Right Over Left, Step Left in Place, Step Right Side
3&4Cross Left Over Right, Step Right in Place, Step Left Side
5678Keep Left Foot in Place While Right Taps 4 Times to Side, 1/4 Turn Left

End of the 7th Wall, 16 counts
**Steps 26-30**

Option instead of Floor Work:
(25-32) Hands to Hips, Hands to Thighs, Right-Left-Right Knee, Stand, Pivot
1 2Hands Touch Hips, Hands to Thighs
3 4 5Circle Hips CCW or Clockwise
6Rise to Standing Position
7 8Turning ¼ Left Step Right Forward, Turning ½ Turn Left- Step Left Back to Right


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