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Bubble Butt

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Lars Kuif (NL) - February 2016
"Bubble Butt" by Major Lazer ft. Tyga, Bruno Mars & Mystic
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Info: Starts 16 counts after hard beat

[1 – 8] Hip Roll, 1/8 Turn R, Recover, 1/8 Turn R, Touch, Diagonal Step Back R+L With Touch, Step R Fwd., ½ Turn L With Hip Roll, L Knee Pop Fwd. With Hip Bump
1 – 2Roll hip counterclockwise (weight on R), push L hip diag. fwd.
3 &L fwd., 1/8 R with hip sway, recover
4 &L fwd., 1/8 R with hip sway, touch R next to L
5 & 6 &R diag. back, touch L next to R, L diag. back, touch R next to L
7R fwd., ½ L with hip roll (weight ends on R)
8Lift L heel, pop L knee and bump L hip [09:00]

[9 – 16] L Lock Step Fwd., R Rocking Chair, ½ Turn L With Weight Changes (Hips)
1 & 2L fwd., lock R behind L, L fwd.
3 & 4 &Rock R fwd., recover to L, rock R back, recover to L,
5 & 6 &R fwd. 1/8 R, recover to L, R fwd., 1/8 R, recover to L
7 & 8 &R fwd. 1/8 R, recover to L, R fwd., 1/8 R, recover to L [03:00]

[17 – 24] R Lock Step Fwd., L Lock Step Fwd., R Fwd, ½ Turn L, ¼ Turn L, Step R To Side, Touch L, Big Step L To Side, Drag R
1 & 2R fwd., lock L behind R, R fwd.,
3 & 4L fwd., lock R behind L, L fwd.
5 & 6 &R fwd., ½ L, recover to L, ¼ L stepping R to side, touch L next to R
7 – 8L big step to side, drag R next to L (optional: shimmy while dragging) [06:00]

[25 – 32] Mambo-Kick-Ball (2x), R Rock Fwd., Recover, ¾ Triple Turn R
1 & 2 &Mambo R to side, recover to L, kick R fwd., step on ball R foot
3 & 4 &Mambo L to side, recover to R, kick L fwd., step on ball L foot
5 – 6Rock R fwd., recover to L
7 & 8¼ R stepping R to side, ¼ R locking L behind R, ¼ R stepping R fwd. [03:00]

TAG:- After wall 5 [03:00] add:
[1 – 8] Step L Across R, ½ Bouncing Turn R, Body Pumps
1 – 4L across R, ¼ bouncing turn R, ¼ bouncing turn R, step R to side
5 – 6Pump body to R side, recover
7 – 8Pump body to L side, recover [09:00]

[9 – 16] Step R+L Fwd., Body Pump, Step R Across L., Lock L Behind R, ½ Bouncing Turn L
1 – 2R fwd., L fwd.
3 & 4 &Pump chest fwd., recover (2x)
5 – 6R across L., lock L behind R
7 & 8¼ bouncing turn L, ¼ bouncing turn L, bounce on place
(L foot ends slightly diagonally. Weight to R and Restart) [03:00]

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