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Betty Lee (CAN) - May 2016
Nan Xiong Nan Di by Camy Tang
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1,2& 3,4&Clap hands at R upper corner, Clap hands at L upper corner
5,6& 7,8&Clap hands at R lower corner, Clap hands at L lower corner

1-8(Step R out, Step L out, Step R in, Step L in) X2
9-16Repeat 1-8

1-8Twist to the R
9-16Twist to the L

1-8Lean to the R, Swaying hips and arm movements like hitting a drum
9-16Lean to the L, Swaying hips and arm movements like hitting a drum

1-8Straighten R arm, point & move arm from L to R, change wt. from L to R
9-16Straighten L arm, point & move arm from R to L, change wt. from R to L

Section 1: Step, Scuff, Step, Scuff, Jazz Box/Scuff
1-4Step forward R, Brush L heel next to R, Step forward L, Brush R heel next to L
5-8Cross R over L, Recover on L, Step R to side, Brush L heel (wt. remains on R)

Section 2: Back, Touch, Back, Touch, TwistX3, Hold
1-4Step back L, Touch R beside L, Step back R, Touch L beside R
5-8Swivel heels, toes, heels, traveling to the L, Hold

Section 3: TwistX3, Flick, Step, Lock, Step, Stomp
1-4Swivel heels, toes, heels, traveling to the R, Angle body to R diagonal/Flick L behind
(option: as you flick, cup your hands under your chin like a flower and look to 12:00 and smile OR throw your arms up in the air)
5-8Step Fwd L (12:00), Lock step R behind, Step L Fwd, Stomp R next to L (wt. remains on L)

Section 4: Twist down, Twist up, Run ¾ turn L
1-4On the spot, swivel heels R,L,R,L as you’re lowering and rising your body(wt. ends on L)
5-8Run R,L,R,L, making ¾ turn L (3:00)




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