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Build A Bridge

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Modern Soles - January 2015
Up (feat. Demi Lovato) - Olly Murs
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Intro After Count 16 on Vocals

Left Samba Right Samba, Rock Rec, Shuffle 1/2 Turn
1&2Cross Rock L over R, Rec on R, Left to L Side
3&4Cross Rock R over L, Rec on L, Right to R Side
5-6Rock Fwd on L, Rec weight on R
7&8Step L 1/4 to L, together with R, 1/4 L Stepping Fwd with L

Step R, Turn Back 1/2, Shuffle 1/2, Rocking Coaster Or
(Alt 2 Rocking Coasters)
1-2Step Fwd On R, Turn 1/2 R Stepping Back On L
3&41/4 R Stepping R to R Side, Together L, Fwd 1/4 R
5-6Rock Fwd L, Rec on R
7&8L Back, R together, Step L Fwd

R Heel & Touch, L Heel & Touch, Cross Rock Rec, Shuffle 1/4
1&2Touch R Heel Fwd, Step In Place (&) Touch L in place
3&4Touch L Heel Fwd, Step In Place (&) Touch R in place
5-6Cross Rock R over L, Rec L,
7&8R to R Side, Together L, Fwd 1/4 R (stepping fwd with R)

Step Pivot 1/4, Cross & Cross, Side Behind, 1/4 Turn, Scuff
1-2Step Fwd L, Pivot 1/4 R (weight on R)
3&4Cross L over R, R to R side, Cross L over R
5-8R to Side, L Behind, 1/4 R ( fwd on R), Scuff L

TAG: 8 Count Tag After Walls 2 & 6 (Both Back Wall)
1&2 3-4L Mambo Fwd, Step back R, Touch L,
5&6 7-8Shuffle Fwd (L,R,L) , Step Fwd R, Scuff L

TAG: 4 Count Tag After Wall 4 ( Front Wall)
1&2 3-4L Mambo Fwd , Step back R, Touch L



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