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Burning Flame

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Rudy Honing (NL) - February 2018
Eternal Flame - Human Nature
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Sec. 1: Side Rock Recover, Point L, ½ turn L, Sissor step R, Weave
1-2&Step R to the Right side, Rock L behind R, Weigt back on R
3 – 4Point L Toe to the left side, Turn ½ left & step L next R
5&6Step R to the right side, Weight back on L, Cross R over L
&7-8Step L to the left side, Step R back L, Step L to the left side

Sec. 2: Cross Rock R, ¼ turn right Rock L forward, Shuffle ½ to the Left, Point R forward, Turn ½ left
1 – 2Step R over L , Weight back on L
&3-4¼ turn to the right on R, Step L forward, Weight back on R
5&61/4 turn left stepping L to the side, Step R next L, ¼ turn left stepping L forward
7 – 8Point R Toe forward, Turn ½ to the left ( weight on left foot )

Sec 3: Turn ½ Right with sweep, Sailorstep ¼ turn Right, Step L forward & step, Hip Sways, side-together
1 – 2Turn ½ to the right & sweep R front to back, Step R behind L
&3-4Step L to the left side, Step R ¼ turn to right forward, Step L forward
&5-6Step R next to L, step L forward, Sway R hip to the right
7-8&Sway L hip to the left, Step R to the right, Step L next R

Sec 4: Side rock recover 2x, Side rock, Cross rock, ¼ turn to the right, Walk R – L
1-2&Step R to the right side, Rock L behind R, Weight back on R
3-4&¼ turn to the right & step L to the left side, Rock R behind L, Weight back on L
5&6&Step R to the right side, Weight back on L, Cross R over L, Weight back on L
7 – 8¼ Turn to the right stepping R forward, Step L forward

Sec 5: Mambo ½ turn to the right, Full Turn
1&2Step R forward, Weight back on L, ½ turn to the right step R forward
3&4Turn ½ right step L back, Turn ½ right step R forward, Step L forward

Start over

Restart 1 : Dance Wall 3&5 to count 28 ( sec. 4 till count 4& ) and Restart
Restart 2 : Dance Wall 4 to count 20 ( sec. 3 till count 4 ) and Restart

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Last Update - 23rd Feb. 2018


as1985 February 12, 2018
Very nice!

Wesley F. Wessels February 17, 2018
Amazing choreography

kayjben February 20, 2018
lovely dance would like to teach...but yet again i cant get the music from amazon UK...feeling sad....xx

Wesley F. Wessels February 22, 2018
Maybe you can contact the choreographer by visiting his website, maybe he can help you

kayjben February 22, 2018
Thanks Wesley ...i have emailed Rudy in the hopes he can help me ...Kym xx

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