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Burning The Road House Down

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Rob Fowler (ES) - August 2018
Burnin' the Roadhouse Down - Steve Wariner & Garth Brooks
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S1: Walk Walk Mambo, Walk Back Back, Coaster step
1,2Walk Fwd R, Walk Fwd L
3&4Rock Fwd R, Recover Back L, Step back R
5,6Walk Back L, Walk Back R
7&8L Coaster step LRL
S2: Charleston steps, Jazz box ¼ turn
1,2Touch R fwd, Step back R
3,4Touch L back, Step Fwd L
5,6Step Fwd R, Make ¼ turn R step back L
7,8Step R to R side, Touch L next to R

S3: Side L Together, Chasse L , Touch , Side, Heel Twist, Heel Twist, chasse R
1,2Step L to L side, Step R next to L
3&4&Chasse L, (LRL) touch R
5&6&Step R to R Side, Twist L heel In, Step L to L side, Twist R Heel In
7&8Chasse R (RLR)

S4: Rock Fwd L, Side, L Sailor Step, Rock Fwd R, Side, R Sailor Step, Clap, Stomp L Hold, Hold
1&2&Rock Fwd L, Recover back R, Rock L to L side, Recover Side R
3&4L Sailor Step (LRL)
5,6Rock Fwd R, Recover back L, Rock R to R side, Recover Side L
7&8R sailor Step (RLR)
&9,10Touch L next to R as You Clap Hands, Stomp L Diagonally Fwd, Hold
FINISH After count 10, S4, wall 11, facing 6 Oclock
Clap Hands, Stomp R Diagonally Fwd R, Clap Hands, Stomp L Diagonally Fwd L
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Last Update - 14th Sept. 2018


Pismo September 14, 2018
Heading and description to not agree in section 4, there are no counts for the finish, iTunes U.S. has a different spelling of the song title, and there's no direction for an intro--all reasons NOT to do this dance, which otherwise I might have done.

Bernie Barrette November 29, 2018
Mr Fowler on S4 should it be 5 & 6 and a 35 count we like the dance

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