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Heejin Kim (KOR), Misun Yu (KOR) & Hie kyung Choo (KOR) - June 2021
Butter (버터) - BTS (방탄소년단)
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2 Restarts : 2nd, 5th wall after 16 count

[1-8] Toe Strut ×2, Lock Step, Unwind 3/4 Turn R
1 2RF Touch forward , RF Step place
3 4LF Touch forward, LF Step place
5&6&RF Step diagonal forward R, LF cross behind, RF Step diagonal forward R, LF Step diagonal forward L
7 8RF Cross behind, LF 3/4 Turn R weight L

[9-16] Sway X2, Body Roll, Weave, 1/4 Turn L, 1/2 Turn L, Hitch
1 2RF Step R with sway hip R, LF Step with sway hip L
3 4RF Step R knee stretch with Start body roll, LF Touch L knee bend with Finish body roll
5&6&LF Step L, RF Cross behind, LF Step L, RF Cross over
7 8LF 1/4 Turn L Step forward, RF 1/2 Turn L Hitch

[17-24] 1/2 Turn R Hitch, 1/4 Turn R Hitch ,Chestpops X4
1 2RF Step forward, LF 1/2 Turn R Hitch
3 4LF Step backward, RF 1/4 Turn R Hitch
5678RF Touch R with Pop chest, X4

[25-32] Sailor Step, Diagonal Step, Touch, Diagonal Step, Togather, Step, 1/2 Turn L
1&2RF Step behind. LF Step L slightly, RF Step R
3&4LF Step behind. RF Step R slightly, LF Step L
5&6&RF Step diagonal forward R, LF Touch together, LF Step diagonal forward L, RF Step together (*Styling : Knee out & in)
7 8LF Step forward, RF 1/2 Turn L Touch together


Selvin June 8, 2021
Great choreo

Anna Luvee July 29, 2021
Done 21 ✅ Good Luck dear 💞

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