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Butterfly (P)

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Intermediate Partner
Zhuqing Yu (CN)
Butterfly - f(x)
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Intro: 8 Count

(1-8)Counter-clockwise, Square step, out, R side chasse
1-2-3-4Step R to R(1), 1/4 turn R stepping L to L(2), 1/4 turn R stepping R to R(3), 1/4 turn R stepping L to L(4)
(The square will be done dancing around each other)
5-61/4 turn R stepping R to R(5), Step L out(6) (partner face to face)
7&8R side chasse

(9-16)1/4 turn L, Mambo ,1/2 turn R, Chair step, Coaster step
1&21/4 turn L stepping L forward(1), Step R back(&),Step L back(2)
3&4Step R back(3), Step L forward(&), Step R forward(4)
5&6&Step L forward(5), 1/2 turn R stepping R forward(&),Rock L forward(6),Recover weight on R(&)
7&8Step L back(7), Step R beside L(&), Step L forward(8)

(17-24) Out, Point, Pump chest
1-2Step R forward(1), 1/4 turn L stepping L to L(2)
3-4Point R toe cross over L(3), Step R beside L(4)
5-6Point L toe cross over R(5), Step L beside R(6)
7&8Step R cross over L pumping chest forward, back, forward

(25-32) Step side, Sailor step, Step forward, Step out, 1/2 turn L
1-2Step L to L(1), Step R to R(2)
3&4Cross L behind R(3), Step R beside L(&), Step L forward(4)
5-6Step R forward(5), Step L to L(6)(this time partner back to back)
7-8Step R out(7),1/4 turn L stepping L forward(8)
Here are 2 restarts on walls 2,4.

(33-40)Scuff R, 1/4 turn L, forward mambo, Long step, Pull shoulder
1&2Scuff R(1), Hitch R(&), Step R in place(2)
3&41/4 turn L stepping L forward(3), Step R back(&), Step L beside R(4)
5-6Long step L forward(forward by partner’s left)(5), Step R beside L(6)( partner back to back)
7&8Step L to L, pull shoulder L, R,L

(41-48) turn chairstep, 1/2 turn L, back shuffle, Coaster step
1-2Step R forward (1)(forward by partner’s right), 1/2 turn R stepping L back
3-4Rock R back(3), recover weight on L(4)
5&63/8 turn L stepping R back shuffle(by partner’s right diagonal)
7&81/8 turn L(Face to partner stepping), L back(7), Step R beside L(&), Step L forward(8)

Restart: after 32 counts on wall 2,4(Turn and face to partner then restart)



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