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Fiona McChristie, Kaz, Amy, Nicola & Cheryl
Wrangler Butts - Jeff Moore
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4th Place London Dance Classics 2001
1st Place Scottish Championships 2001
1st Place British Championships 2001
1-2-3&4Long step back on right foot diagonally to right and draw left foot beside right, bump hips right, left, right
5-6-7&8Dig left heel diagonally left and hook left heel across right leg, left shuffle forward, (alternatively: taking weight on right point left toe out to left side and push off executing a full turn to face home wall, hooking left foot across right leg as you turn)
9-10-11-12Cross right foot over left, step back left, step right foot to right side step together with left (jazz box)
13&14&15&16Dig right heel diagonally to right, step back slightly with right foot & cross over with left foot, & step back with right foot & left heel to left side diagonally, step left foot down and touch right foot beside left, (right heel ball cross and heel ball touch)
17&18Kick right foot to right diagonally, step in place on ball of right and cross over with left foot (right kick ball cross)
19&20Kick right foot to right diagonally, stomp right in place, stomp left together with right (right kick stomp stomp)
21-22-23-24With feet together swivel heels left swivel toes left swivel heels left swivel toes to center (heels, toes, heels, toes center)
25-26With feet together take weight on both heels, lifting toes up from floor (sticking bum out) and lean slightly forward, pushing arms out in front of body with palms facing forward (for balance as well!)
27-28Repeat steps 25-26
29-30-31-32Step forward on right foot turning a quarter left, keeping left foot in place, lift right foot behind left leg and slap with left hand, hold right foot behind left leg and clap hands together



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