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Intermediate / Advanced
Kirsten Matthiessen (DK) - October 2016
CPH Girls (feat. Brandon Beal) - Christopher
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Intro: 16 counts (app. 9 seconds)
Tags: There are two Tags, see below for details
After wall 4: Tag 1
After wall 8: Tag 1 + Tag 1* + Tag 2
After wall 9: Tag 1

[1-8] Rock, ½ L recover, Coaster Step, Flick, Side, Behind ¼ R, Rock step w. chest pop
1-2Rock L back, turn ½ L recovering onto R 06:00
3&4Step L back, step R next to L, step L fw 06:00
&5Flick R behind L, step R to R side 06:00
6&Cross L behind R, turn ¼ R stepping R fw 09:00
7&8Rock L fw, pop chest fw, recover onto R 09:00

[9-16] Ball, Body roll back, Ball, Point switches, Sailor ¼ L, Boogie walks
&1-2Step L next to R, point R back beginning a body roll, finish the body roll with weight on R 09:00
&3&4Step L next to R, point R to R side, step R next to L, point L to L side 09:00
5&6Cross L behind R, turn ¼ L stepping R small step to R side, step L fw 06:00
7&8Run fw R, L, R 06:00

[17-24] Touch, Rock step, Ball, Step turn, ¼ L cross, Step ¼ R, ¼ R cross, Step ¼ L
&1-2Touch/brush L next to R, rock L fw, recover onto R 06:00
&3-4Step L next to R, step R fw, turn ½ L transferring weight onto L 12:00
&5-6Turn ¼ L stepping R to to R side, cross L over R, turn ¼ R stepping R fw 12:00
&7-8Turn ¼ R stepping L to L side, cross R over L, turn ¼ L stepping L fw 12:00

[25-32] ¼ L hip roll, Cross shuffle, Side rock kick ball, Side rock kick ball
1-2Step R fw, turn ¼ L rolling hips and transferring weight onto L 09:00
3&4Cross R over L, step L to L side, cross R to L 09:00
5&6&Rock L to L side, recover onto R, kick L fw, step L next to R 09:00
7&8&Rock R to R side, recover onto L, kick R fw, step R next to L 09:00

Tag 1 (the counts are a guideline – follow the beat in the music)
After wall 4
After wall 8 x2
Second time you only do up to count 14, then step L to L side and hold (you’ll be facing 03:00)
T1[1-8] Rock back, Step, ¾ R spiral, Side rock, Cross slide
1-2Rock L back, recover onto R 12:00
3-4Step L fw, spiral ¾ R weight ending on L 09:00
5-6Rock R to R side, recover onto L 09:00
7-8Cross R over L, Step L big step to L dragging R 09:00

T1[9-16] Back rock, Side, ¼ L, Back lock step w/ ½ L, Kick ball
1-2Rock R back, recover onto L 09:00
3-4Step R to R side, turn ¼ L swivelling both heels (weight on R) 06:00
5-6-7Step L back, turn ¼ L crossing R over L, turn ¼ L stepping L fw. (The half turn should be done gradually) 12:00
8&Kick R fw, step R next to L 12:00

Tag 2: The beat and melody stops, while the singer riffs for about 8 counts – freestyle 
T2[1-8] Freestyle: find your inner diva and sing along, do your best sixties move or a body wave – whatever you want. Just make sure you end up with weight on your L When the beat kicks back in
5-6Hold, hold 03:00
&7Chest pop fw, recover 03:00
8&Kick R fw, step R next to L 03:00

Hope you enjoy

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