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Donna Manning (USA) - September 2014
Buzzin' (feat. RaeLynn) - Blake Shelton
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#16 count music intro - NO Tags Or Restarts

Sec. 1(1-8) Walk, Walk, Modified Anchor Step, ½ Turn L, ¼ Turn L, Sailor ½ Cross
1,2,3&4Walk, R – L, Step R behind L instep to heel taking weight, change weight to L, Step R slightly back
5,6,7&8½ Turn L Step L fwrd, ¼ Turn L Step R to side, Step L behind R, on the ball of L ½ turn L Step R to R side, Step L across R (9:00)

Sec.2 (&9-16) Ball, Cross, Hold, Ball, Cross, Step, Touch & Kick & Kick & Cross
&1,2,&3,4Step ball of R to R side, Cross L over R, Hold, Ball of R to R side, Cross L over R, Step R to R side (9:00) angled to 10:30
5&6&7&8Touch Toe of L next to R, Step L to center, Kick R to 10:30, Step R back to Center, Kick L to 9:00, Step L back to center, Cross R over L angled to 7:30 (9:00)

Sec.3 (17-24) Side Toe Heel Strut, Cross Toe Heel Strut (repeat those 4 counts)
1,2,3,4Touch ball of L to L side, drop the heel, Touch ball of R across the L, drop the heel
5,6,7,8Repeat 1-4 angled to 7:30 (9:00)
Head styling – during the side strut look L, during the cross strut, look to the R
Snaps – if you’d like to add them – L arm to L side during side strut, L arm across the body to R on the cross strut
Hold your R arm at an angle by the R side of your body

Sec.4 (25-32) Side Rock, Sailor, Sailor ½ Turn, Kick Ball Step
1,2,3&4Rock L to L side, Recover to R, Step L behind R , Step R to R side, Step L to L side
5&6Step R behind L on the ball of R ½ turn to R, Step L to L side Step R to R side
7&8Kick L fwrd, Step ball of L to center, Step R fwrd (3:00)

Sec.5 (33-40) Step, Lift, Coaster Step, ½ Turn Ronde, Cross Triple
1,2,3&4Step L fwrd, Lift R leg bringing foot up and back through next to the L calf, Step R back, Bring L to R, Step R fwrd
5,6,7&8Step L fwrd, Sweep R ½ Turn L, Cross R over L, Step L to side, Cross R over L (9:00)

Sec.6(41-48) ¼, Side, Cross Rock, Recover ¼, ¼, ¼ , Cross Rock, Recover ¼
1,2,3&4¼ turn R step L back, Step R to side, Cross Rock L over R, Recover to R, ¼ turn L step L fwrd
5,6,7&8¼ turn L step R to side, ¼ turn L step L to L side, Cross Rock R over L Recover to L, ¼ turn R step R fwrd (6:00)

Sec.7(49-54) Step, Touch, Back, Touch, Back, Touch, Together, Walk 4X in a ½ Circle L
1,2&3&4&Step L fwrd, Touch R toe next to L heel, Step R back, Touch L toe in front, Step L back, Touch R toe in front, bring R together with L
5,6,7,8In a ½ circle L walk L, R, L, R – with the last step with the R going to the side facing 12:00 (12:00)

Sec.8(55-64&) Cross back Rock, Recover, ¼ , ¼ , Cross, Rock, Recover, ¾ Pirouette, Side, Together
1,2,3&4L Cross back rock, Recover to R, ¼ turn R stepping L back, ¼ turn R bringing R close to L, Cross L over R (do this with a soft knee to use as a push off) (6:00)
5,6,7,8&Sit back into R settling into the R hip, Recover to L, ¾ turn L Pirouette on the ball of L, Step out with R to R side, Bring L to R on the & count to transition to the beginning walks. (9:00)


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