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Bye Bye

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JinLan Diong - November 2008
Bye Bye - Mariah Carey : (CD: E=MC2)
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Monterey Half Turn, Side Rock Cross, Press & Sweep, Sailor Half Turn Cross
1,2 Point Right toe out to Right side. Turn 1/2 turn Right stepping Right beside Left.
3&4 Rock left out to left side. Recover weight on right. Cross step Left over Right
5,6 Press Right Diagonally. Recover weight on left with right leg kick diagonally & sweep from front to behind
7&8 Step right behind left. 1/2 turn right stepping on left. Cross right over left (12:00)

Out, Out, Body Roll, Drag, Ball Cross x2,Unwind Half Turn Left
1,2 Step left out diagonal. Step right out diagonal
3,4 Body roll to right side(weight on right)
5&6 Drag left leg towards right. Step down on left, cross right over left(Ball Cross)
&7,8 Step left to left, cross rig ht over left(Ball Cross).Unwind 1/2 turn left sharply (6:00)

Kick, Point Back,1/2 Turn Right, Hitch, Coaster Step, Step Together
1,2 Kick right leg forward(lean body backward). Point right toe back(lean body forward)3,4 1/2 turn right. Hitch right(push hips back)
5,6 Step back right. Step back left together
7,8 Step forward right. Step forward left together (12:00)

Tap, Stomp Right, Stomp Left, Hold, Body Roll, Step Right, Drag
1,2 Tap right forward. Stomp right beside left
3,4 Stomp left to left side. Hold
5,6 Body roll to left side(weight on left)
7,8 Big step right to right side. Drag left towards right (12:00)

Ball Cross, Sway, Sway, Sway with a flick, Right Chasse, Back Rock Recover
&1,2 Step down on left, cross right over left(Ball Cross). Sway hips to left stepping left to left side
3,4 Sway hips to right. Sway hips to left with a figure 4 flick
5&6 Step right to right side. Step left next to right. St ep right to right side.
7,8 Step left behind right. Recover weight onto right (12:00)

Turn 1/4 Right,1/4 Right,Left Shuffle Forward,Step R to R,Hold,Step L beside R,Step R to R,Step L
1,2 1/4 right stepping back on left,1/4 right stepping right to right side
3&4 Step left forward. Step right behind left. Step left forward
5,6 Step right to right side. Hold
&7,8 Step left beside right. Step right to right side. Step left together(Cuban Hips Motion) (6:00)

Square Box(Diamond Shape)
1,2 1/8 turn left stepping right to right side, drag left towards right (4:30)
3,4 1/4 left stepping left to left side, drag right towards left (1.30)
5,6 1/4 left stepping right to right side, drag left towards right (10.30)
7,8 1/4 left stepping left to left side, drag right towards left (7.30)

Side, Behind, Recover, Side, Cross, Hold, Full Turn
1,2 Step right to right side (squaring off to wall 6:00). Step left behind ri ght
3,4 Recover weight onto right. Step left to left side
5,6 Cross right over left. Hold
7,8 Full turn left over 2 counts(end with weight on left)

Start Again!

RESTART: Restart on wall 6 AFTER 32 counts. Dance up to count 8&. Start again.

ENDING: End of wall 9, make a slow full turn left over 4 counts.


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