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Bye Bye Blues

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Easy Intermediate
Jan Wyllie (AUS) - August 2015
Bye, Bye, Travelin' Blues - Merle Haggard
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#32 count intro - DANCE SEQUENCE 48,48,32,32,48,32,32,32

Side Together Side Shuffle Rock Recover Side Behind
1,2,3&4Small step to right on R, Step L beside R, Side shuffle right stepping RLR
5,6,7,8Rock/step L behind R, Recover on R, Step L to left, Step R behind L

Side Rock Recover Behind Side Across Side Together Back Touch
9,10Rock/step L to left, Recover sideways onto R
11&12Step L behind R, Step R to right, Step L across R
13,14,15,16Step R to right, Step L beside R, Step back on R, Touch L beside R

Heel Strut Fwd Rock Fwd Recover 1/2 Shuffle Step 1/4 Pivot
17,18,19,20Step L heel fwd, Drop L foot, Rock/step fwd on R, Recover back on L
21&22Making 1/2 right shuffle fwd RLR
23,24Step fwd on L, Pivot 1/4 right transferring wt to R

Rock Fwd Recover Coaster Back Chicken Walks Fwd RLRL
25,26Rock/step fwd on L, Recover back on R
27&28Step back on L, Step R beside L, Step fwd on L (coaster)
29,30,31,32Chicken walks fwd RLRL (swivel heels out on each step)
*Restart here on walls 3,4,6,7,8

The following 16 counts are on walls 1,2,and 5 only
Rock Fwd Recover Back Lock Back 1/4 Rock Recover Stomp Hold
33,34Rock/step fwd on R, Recover back on L
35&36Step back on R, Lock/step L over R, Step back on R
37,38,39,40Making 1/4 left rock/step L to left, Recover sideways onto R Stomp L beside R, Hold

Walk Back RLRL Rock/Step Back Step Fwd Stomp Clap
41,42,43,44Walk back RLRL— waving as you go
45,46Rock/step back on R, Big step fwd on L
47,48Stomp R beside L, Hold/Clap (clap optional)

Good old Merle Haggard and a good old country song…..
I still love the simplicity of the old country songs.
The dance is simple too but you will need to keep your mind on the job,
and that’s because the pattern will make you think — just a little bit…
mainly because some walls are 48 counts and some are 32…..
That’s just the way the music goes, but it makes it interesting I think….

I hope you haven’t gone past appreciating this type of country music because it
was the basis, the roots of country line dancing…. And I will ALWAYS love it.
See you on the floor sometime.... Jan

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