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Bye Bye Shuffle

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Beginner / Intermediate
Ruth Cuthbertson - January 2019
Commit Me for Hangin' On - Scooter Lee
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This dance is especially dedicated to all of my dancing friends at Avon Oaks and Melody Lane.

Also: Daniel's Boys - Scooter Lee (slow) -

Side Shuffles, Cross Shuffles, Turn, Rock Steps
1&2Shuffle sideways to the right (RLR)
3&4Cross Left over Right and shuffle to the right (LRL)
5&6Shuffle sideways to the right (RLR)
7&8Cross Left over Right and shuffle to the right (LRL)
9&10Shuffle sideways to the right (RLR) making a 1/4 turn CCW on these step
11-12Step back on Left, Rock forward onto Right
Shuffles Forward, Rock Steps
13&14Shuffle forward (LRL)
15&16Shuffle forward (RLR)
17&18Shuffle forward (LRL)
19-20Step forward on Right, Rock back onto Left
Turning Shuffles, Stomps
21&22Shuffle backward (RLR) making a 1/2 turn CW on these steps
23&24Shuffle forward (LRL) making a 1/2 turn CW on these steps
25&26Shuffle backward (RLR) making a 1/2 turn CW on these steps
27-28Stomp left next to Right, Stomp Right next to Left (stomp down)
Syncopated Rambles Left And Right
29-30Swivel both heel, to the left Swivel both toe, to the left
31&32Swivel both heels to the Lt, Swivel toes to the Lt, Swivel both heels to the Lt
33-34Swivel heels to the right, Swivel toes to the right
35&36Swivel heels to the right Swivel toes to the right Swivel heels to the right

Submitted by - William Curtis:


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