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Bye-Bye Earl

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Kathryn Rowlands (WLS) - September 2015
Goodbye Earl - The Chicks : (CDs The Essential Dixie Chicks, Fly)
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#32-count intro, start on vocal.

*Tag at end of Walls 2,4,7,9 [easy to spot]

Note: The music stops for four beats at counts 17-20 at Wall 11, facing 12:00, when she says “we need a break”; just carry on dancing...

[1-8] Heel Dig, Hook, Shuffle, Rocking Chair
1-2Touch R heel forward on right diagonal, hook R foot across L leg
3&4Step R foot forward, slide L foot up beside right, step R foot forward
5-6Rock L foot forward, recover weight onto R
7-8Rock L foot back, recover weight onto R [12:00]

[9-16] Rock, Recover, Cross Scuff x2
1-2Rock left onto L foot, recover R
3-4L cross over R, R heel scuff to right diagonal
5-6Rock right onto R foot, recover L
7-8R cross over L, L heel scuff to left diagonal [12:00]

[* ‘Break’ in music of 4 counts here at Wall 11, facing 12:00: carry on dancing with no stop]

[17-24] Heel Dig, Hook, Shuffle, Rock/recover, Turn, Scuff
1-2Touch L heel forward on left diagonal, hook L foot across R leg
3&4Step L foot forward, slide R foot up beside L, step L foot forward
5-6Rock R foot forward, recover weight onto L,
7-8Turning ½ turn to the right, Scuff L foot forward [6:00]

[25-32] Jazz Box, Step-Scuff x2
1,2,3,4L foot cross over R, step R foot back, step L foot beside right, scuff R heel forward
5-6Step R foot forward, scuff L heel forward
7-8Step L foot forward, scuff R heel forward [6:00]

TAG: *4-count TAG at end of Walls 2 and 4 [facing 12:00] and Wall 9 facing 6:00]:
1-2Step right, touch L beside
3-4Step left, touch R beside

Tag: **8-Count TAG at end of Wall 7 [facing 6:00]:
1,2,3,4Jazz Box: R foot cross over L, step L foot back, step R foot beside L, Step L foot beside R foot
5-6Step right, touch L beside
7-8Step left, touch R beside

Dance/music ends facing 12:00 on strong beats/chords.

Last Update – 17th April 2018


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