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Ca Rossa

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Phrased Intermediate
Diana Liang (CN) - March 2020
Cà rossa (Valzer) · Edmondo Comandini
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Dance Sequence: AAAA BBBB AA BBBB

A: 16 Counts
AS1 Forward, Sweep, 1/4 LT Forward Rock, Sweep, 1/8 RT Back, ½ LT Twinkle, Cross Rock, Side
1&aRf forward, Lf sweep to side and forward
21/8 LT Rf forward 10:30H
3&aLf recover, 1/8 Rf sweep to forward and side, 12H
4&a1/8RT Rf back, 1:30H
5,6&Lf further cross, 3/8LT Rf back, 9H, 1/4 LT Lf side, 6H
7,8&Rf cross, Lf recover, Rf side

AS2 Twinkle LR, Forward, ½ LT Together, Forward, ¼ LT Sway, Sway LR
1,2&Lf cross, Rf side, Lf recover
3,4&Rf cross, Lf side, Rf recover
5,6&Lf forward, ½ LT Rf together, Lf forward, 12H
7,8&¼ LT Rf side/sway to R, sway to L, Sway to R, 9H

B: 16 Counts
BS1 (Forward/Sweep, Hook, Kick, Together) x 2, 1/2 LT Lock Step, Coaster, Forward, ¼ LT Side Point, Forward, Point
1&aLf forward, Rf sweep side, Rf sweep forward
2&aRf hook, Rf kick, Rf together
3&a= 1&a
4&a= 2&a
5&aLf forward, ¼ LT Rf ball side, 9H, ¼ LT Lf lock front of Rf, 6H
6&aRf back, Lf together, Rf forward
7&Lf forward, ¼ LT Rf side point, 3H
8&Rf forward, Lf side point

B2 K-Stomp Step /Clapping
11/8 RT Lf forward, 4:30H
Hands on waist
2&1/8 LT Rf stomp together, 3H, 1/8 LT Lf stomp on spot,1:30H
Clapping hands twice on 2&
3Rf forward
Hands on waist
4&Lf stomp together, Rf stomp on spot
Clapping hands twice on 4&
5Lf back
Hands on waist
6&1/8RT Rf stomp together, 3H, 1/8 RT Lf stomp on spot, 4:30H
Clapping hands twice on 6&
7Rf back
Hands on waist
8&1/8 LT Lf stomp together, 3H, Rf stomp on spot
Clapping hands twice on 8&

Ending ½ RT Pivot
1,2Lf forward, ½ RT Rf forward to pose finish

Thanks and happy dancing!


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