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Cada Noche

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William Sevone (UK) - August 2011
Cada Noche - Sparx : (Album: No Hay Otro Amor)
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Choreographers note:- The tempo is fast – use small steps, this also allows for individual Latin styling.
My thanks go to Rosalind Yeo for making me aware of this lively piece of rhythmic Mambo music.
Always remember - 'The beat may reach your feet - but the rhythm should electrify your soul'.
Dance starts with the main vocals.

Fwd. Lock. Fwd. Hold. Press Fwd. Recover. Recover. Hold (12:00)
1 – 2Step forward onto left. Lock right behind left.
3 – 4Step forward onto left. Hold
5 – 6Press right forward. Recover onto left.
7 – 8Recover onto right. Hold.

Press Fwd. Recover. Bwd. Hold. Press Bwd. Recover. Together. Hold (12:00)
9 – 10(raising both hands with a ‘pushing’ motion) – Press left forward. Recover onto right.
11 – 12(dropping hands to sides) – Step backward onto ball of left. Hold.
13 – 14(drop L heel & raise both hands with a ‘pushing’ motion) Press right backward. Recover onto left.
15 – 16Step right next to left. Hold.
Styling option: 9-10 ‘push’ right hand fwd -‘pull’ left hand bwd . 13-14 ‘push’ left hand fwd -‘pull’ right hand bwd

1/4 Monterey. Side Touch. Hold. Together. Side Touch. 1/2 Monterey. Hold (3:00)
17 – 18Touch left to left side. Turn ¼ left & step left next to right (9).
19 – 20Touch right to right side. Hold.
21 – 22Step right next to left. Touch left to left side.
23 – 24Turn ½ left & step left next to right (3). Hold.

Press Fwd. 1/4 Side. Touch Together. Hold. Side. Recover. 1/4 Fwd. Hold (9:00)
25 – 26Press right forward. Turn ¼ left & step left to left (12)
27 – 28Touch right next to left. Hold.
29 – 30Press right to right side. Recover onto left.
31 – 32Turn ¼ left & step forward onto right (9). Hold.

Dance Finish: Count 32, Wall 12 – facing ‘Home’


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