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Improver - Non-Country
Shane McKeever – June 2017
Cake by Flo Rida feat. 99 Percent (Single Version)
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Count-in: 16 Count Intro

[1-8] Diagonal Steps with Hitches, Side, ¼ Knee Turn, Coaster Step
1,2Step RF to R diagonal, Hitch L knee
3,4Step LF to L diagonal, Hitch R knee
5,6Step RF to R side, Twist R knee in as you make ¼ turn L (keeping weight on R leg with the L leg straight) (face 9.00)
7&8Step back on LF, Close RF to LF, Step LF fwd

[9-16] Step Fwd, Together, Hip Bump, Step Back, Together, Hip Bump, Out, Out, Knees In, Heels, Toes, Heels
&1&2Step RF fwd (&), Close LF to RF (1), Hip bump to L (&), Recover (2)
&3&4Step RF back (&), Close LF to RF (3), Hip bump to L (&), Recover (4)
&5Step RF to R side, Step LF to L side
6Keeping feet apart, close knees
7Open knees as you twist both heels in
&8Twist toes in, Twist heels in (face 9.00)

[17-24] 2 x ¼ Pivot Turns, 2 x Botafogos
1,2Step RF fwd, ¼ pivot turn to L, taking weight to LF (face 6.00)
3,4Step RF fwd, ¼ pivot turn to L, taking weight to LF (face 3.00)
5&6Cross RF over LF, Rock LF to L side, Recover weight to RF
7&8Cross LF over RF, Rock RF to R side, Recover weight to LF

[25-32] 4 x Taps (travelling back), Fwd Hitch, Side Hitch, ¼ Hitch, Close
1&2&Tap RF fwd, step RF back, Tap LF fwd, Step LF back
3&4Tap RF fwd, Step RF back, Tap RF fwd
5Hitch L knee
6Keeping knee up, swing L knee out to L side (side hitch), still facing 3.00
7Keeping knee up, make ¼ turn R swinging L knee fwd (fwd hitch) (face 6.00)
8Close LF beside RF

Begin again

( 02:01:49)


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