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California Dreamin

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Rona Kaye (USA) - May 2016
California Dreamin - Freischwimmer : (iTunes, amazon)
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Dance starts after 32 counts, on the vocals.

Step, Touch x 2, Weave:
1-2-3-4Step R Up To Right Diagonal (1), Touch L To R (2), Step L Back Diagonal (Home) (3), Lift R Knee Into L (L Shoulder Comes Across Toward Right For Style) (4)
5-6-7-8Step R To Right Side (5), Step L Behind R (6), Step R To Right Side (7) Step L Across R (8) 12:00

Rock, Recover Cross, Slow ¾ Turn To L, ½ Turn To R, “Flick” L:
1-2Rock R To Right Side (1), Recover Weight To L (2), 12:00
3-4-5Step R Across L (3), Begin ¾ Turn To Left By Turning Your Body To Left (4) Complete Turn Weight On L (Look To 3:00) (5) Hold (6) 3:00
7-8Turn ½ To The Right Stepping on R (7), “Flick” L Foot Behind (8) 9:00

Slow Walks Forward L, R, Side Rock L, Sailor Left Turning ½ Turn To Left:
1-2-3-4Walk Forward L (1), Hold (2), Walk Forward R (3), Hold (4) 9:00
5-6-7-8Rock L To Side Left (5), Recover Weight To Right (6), Start Sailor By Stepping L Behind R Start To Turn ½ To L (7) Step R In Place (8)

Slow Walks L (Completing Sailor), R, Step L, R, Pivot Turn ¼ To Left, Cross:
1-2Complete Sailor ½ Turn By Stepping Forward On To L (1), Hold (2) 3:00
3-4-5-6Walk Forward R (3), Hold (4), Step Forward L (5), Step Forward R (6), 3:00
7-8Turn ¼ To Left Transfer Weight To L (7), Step R Across L (8) 12:00

½ Turn R, Lunge, Cross Behind, Rock Recover Cross:
1-2-3-4Turn ¼ Right As You Step Back L Hitching R Leg Up (1) Turn ¼ Right (2) 6:00 Step Down On R, Lunging Out To Right Side (3), Hold (4)
5-6-7-8Recover Weight To L and Step R Behind L (5), Rock L Side Left (6), Recover To R (7), Step L Across R (8) 6:00
(Note The Body Is Torqued—L Shoulder Forward--To Prepare For ¼ Turn To Left)

¼ Turn Left With Step Sweeps, Forward Rock:
1-2-3-4Turn ¼ Left As You Sweep R Forward (1), Continue Sweep (2) Step R Forward (3),Sweep L Forward (4) 3:00
5-6-7-8Step On L (5), Sweep R Forward (6), Rock Forward On R (7), Recover L (8) 3:00

1¼ Turns To Right With Step Out R And Tap L, 1 ¼ Turns To Left, Step Forward:
1-2-3-4Turn ½ To Right Stepping Forward On R (1), Turn ½ To Right Stepping R Into L (2), Turn ¼ To Right Step Out To Right (3), Tap L Toe To Left Side (4) 6:00
5-6-7-8Turn ¼ To Left Recovering Weight On L (5), Turn ½ To Left Stepping Back On R (6), Turn ½ To Left Stepping Forward On L (7), Step Forward On R (8) 3:00

Pivot ½ Turn To Left, Side Rock With Crosses Moving Forward:
1-2-3-4Turn ½ To Left Transferring Weight To L (1), Step R To R Side (2) 9:00 Recover Weight Onto L (3), Step R Across L (4)
5-6-7-8Step L To L Side (5), Recover Weight To R (6), Step L Across R (7), Hold (8) 9:00

End of dance....repeat to new wall. The combination is danced 6 times. The last time you start the dance is to your 9:00 wall. To end the dance facing front wall....on the last 8 count of the dance you'll be facing 6:00 and will need to turn a ½ to Right to face front, on count 5, turn ¼ to Right lifting R knee, on count 6, turn ¼ to Right lunging to side Right on count 7 and hold. This dance is dedicated with love and gratitude to my Jazz Dance Maestro, Luigi Faccuito. “Never Stop Moving”.


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