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Call Me Maybe?

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Justine Brown (UK) - April 2012
Call Me Maybe - Carly Rae Jepsen
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8 Count Intro,

Section 1: Jazz Jump, Heel Lift, Kick-Ball-Cross, Side Rock, Recover, Sailor Step.
& 1 & 2Small Jump Forward on Right then Left feet slightly apart, Lift Heels, Lower Heels
3 & 4Kick Right Forward,step down on Right Ball, Cross Left over Right
5 – 6Rock Right to Right Side, Recover onto Left
7 & 8Swing Right behind Left, Step Left in place, Step Right to Right Side

Section 2: Touch Back, ¼ Left, Kick-Ball-Side, Elvis Knees, Chasse Left.
1 – 2Touch Left Toe Back, Bending Knees make a ¼ Turn left (weight onto Left foot)
3 & 4Kick Right forward, Step down on Right Ball, Step Left Beside Right
5 - 6Roll Right Knee in towards Left, Roll Left Knee in towards Right
7 & 8Step Left to Left Side, Close Right beside Left, Step Left to Left side

Section 3: Cross Rock, Recover Chasse ¼ Right, Step Pivot ½ Right, Left Shuffle Forward.
1 - 2Cross Rock Right over Left, Recover onto Left
3&4Turn ¼ Right stepping Right Forward, Close Left beside Right, Step Right Forward
5 - 6Step Left Forward, Pivot ½ Right
7 & 8Step Left Forward, Close Right beside Left, Step Left Forward
*Restart #1 – Wall 3 - 12:00*

Section 4: Out-Out-In-In, Side, Behind, Heel Jack, Hold.
1 - 2Step Right Fwd on Right Diagonal 'Click Fingers to Right', Step Left Fwd on Left Diagonal 'Click fingers to left'
3 - 4Step Right Back 'arms down Click fingers Right', Step Left beside Right 'arms down Click fingers Left'
5 – 6Step Right to Right Side, Cross Left Behind Right,
& 7 - 8Step Right to Right Side, Touch Left Heel Forward, Hold 'Click Fingers'
*Restart #2 Wall 7 – 9:00 – Change Hold to – Step Side, Touch*

Section 5: Ball, Cross, ¼ Right, ½ Shuffle, ¼ Right, Behind, Ball, Cross, Side.
& 1 - 2Quick Step Left in Place, Cross Right over Left, Turn ¼ Right stepping Back on Left
3 & 4Turn ¼ Right Stepping Right Forward, Turn ¼ Right Stepping Left beside Right, Step Right Forward.
5 6Turn ¼ Right Stepping Side on Left foot, Cross Right Behind Left
& 7 – 8Quick Step Left to left Side, Cross Right over Left, Step Left to Left Side

Section 6: Behind, Ball, Cross, Side Rock, Recover ¼ Right, Left Shuffle, Full Turn.
1 & 2Cross Right Behind Left, Quick Step Left to left Side, Cross Right over Left
3 - 4Rock Left to Left Side, Recover onto Right turning ¼ Right
5 & 6Step Left Forward, Close Right beside Left, Step Left Forward
7 - 8Turn ½ left Stepping Back on Right, Turn ½ Left Stepping Forward on Left

Two Restarts:-
1st Restart – Wall 3 -Dance up to and including count 24 'Left shuffle forward' - Facing 12:00
2nd Restart – Wall 7 -Dance up to and Including count 31 'Heel Jack' - Facing 9:00
But instead of Holding on Count 32 Step Left foot down and touch Right beside, this will square you up ready to Restart,
Don't panic, you get plenty of warning as the music changes and you can 'Feel It' coming..



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