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Can Keep it

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Jean-Pierre Madge (CH) - August 2021
Boy, You Can Keep It - Alex Newell
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Intro 32 counts

Walk, Walk, Chassé, 1/4 R Touch, 1/4 R Touch, Cross Rock, Recover
1-2Walk R (1), L (2),
3&4Chassé R forward starting with R (3), L behind (&), R forward (4)
5-61/4 R and Touch L to L (5), 1/4 R and Touch L to L (6)
7-8Cross the L over the R and Rock (7), recover (8)

1/4 L Ball Step, Pivot 1/2L, Chassé R, Side, Together, Coaster Step
&1-21/4 L Step L forward (&), Step R forward (1), Pivot 1/2 L (2)
3&4Chassé R forward starting with R (3), L behind (&), R forward (4)
5-6Step L to L side (5), Bring R next to L (6)
7&8Step L back (7), Step R next to L (&), Step L forward (8)
Tag here on wall 2 (facing 3') and 6 (facing 9')

Scuff Rock, 1/4 L Recover, Behind Side Cross, Hold and Cross, 1/4 L, Kick
&1-2Scuff R forward (&), Rock R forward (1), Recover on L with a 1/4 L (2)
3&4Step R behind L (3), Step L to L (&), Cross R over L (4)
5&6Hold (5), Step L to L (&), Cross R behind L (6),
7-81/4 L Step L forward (7), Kick R forward (8)

Out-Out, Knee pop In Out, 1/4 R Rock, Big Step back, Drag, Rock Recover
&1-2Step R back out (&), Step L out (1), Pop R knee in (2)
3&4Pop R knee out (3), Pop R knee in (&), Pop R knee out as you do a 1/4 R and Rock on your R forward (4),
5-6Big Step L back (5), Drag R next L (6)
7-8Rock R behind (7), Recover on L (8)

Sweep, Cross and Sweep, Cross 1/4 L
1-2Step R forward and start a Sweep with the L from behind to across the R(1-2)
3-4Cross L over R (3), Step R to R (4)
5-6Step L behind and start a Sweep with the R from the front to the back (5-6)
7-8Cross the R behind the R (7), 1/4 L step L forward (8)

Kick and Touch and Touch and Kick and Step, Hold, 1/2L Shimmy
1&2&Kick the R forward (1), R next L (&), Touch the L to L (2), Bring L next R (&),
3&4&Touch R to R (3), Bring R next L (&), Kick L forward (4) bring L next R (&)
5-6Step R forward (5), Hold (6)
7-8Pivot 1/2 L and transfert the weight on your L (7-8), while you do the 1/2 shimmy your shoulders

Smile and start the dance again !

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Lucichryz August 29, 2021

Bettan August 30, 2021
Looks great! 😍

Ribka August 30, 2021

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