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Can't ForGuetta (aka Lie To You)

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Hanna Pitkänen (FIN) & Laura Hannele Pitkänen (FIN) - November 2021
Remember - Becky Hill & David Guetta
Would I Lie to You (Radio Edit) - David Guetta, Cedric Gervais & Chris Willis
Last Christmas - Cascada
Last Christmas - Wham!
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Alt. music:-
Would I Lie To You by David Guetta, Cedric Gervais & Chris Willis
Christmas music: Last Christmas by Cascada, or by Wham! which is much slower

Intro: 16 counts of heavy beat

[1-8]: Side, hold, ball side, knee twists L R L, ¼ turn to left, touch
1,2&Step right to side, hold, step left next to right
3,4Step right to side, twist left knee in
&5&6recover to left, twist right knee in, recover to right, twist left knee in
7,8¼ turn left stepping left forward, touch right next to left
EASY OPTION: On counts 5,6, twist only left knee out, in (weight stays on right)

[9-16] Heel grind with ¼ turn, back, together, heel grind, back, back, back, rock step
1,2&Step forward on right heel, ¼ turn right stepping left back, step right next to left
3,4Step forward on left heel, recover weight to right
5,6Step left back, step right back
7,8Step left back, recover weight to right

[17-24] Ball step, step, ¼ padel turn x 2, ¼ turn, grapevine, touch
&1Step left next to right, step right forward
2,3Step left forward, ¼ turn left touching right to side
4¼ turn left touching right to side
5,6¼ turn left stepping right to side, step left behind right
7,8Step right to side, touch left next to right

[26-32] Hip bumps L R, side, behind, side rolling hips counter clockwise full circle
1,2Step left to side with hip bump, recover weight to right with hip bump
3,4Step left to side, step right behind left
5-7Step left to side as you start to roll hips counter clockwise making full circle ending weight on left
8Touch right next to left


Have fun dancing!


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