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Can't Stop The Sunshine Ez

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Easy Beginner
Molly Yeoh (July 2016)
Can't Stop the Feeling - Justin Timberlake (Lyrics video)
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#16 count intro Dance - 1 Tag / 1 Restart

(Section 1& 2) Sway body, weave to Right (repeat left side)
1-2 3-4Sway body to Right, Left, Right, Left
5-6-7-8Right step R, Left step back, Right step R, Left step beside R
1-2-3-4Sway body to Left, Right, Left, Right
5-6-7-8Left step L, Right step back, left step L, Right step beside L
(3rd Wall, after 16 counts Restart 4th Wall facing 12 o’clock too..)

(Section 3 & 4) Step touch back(2x) walk fwd, Step touch back(2x) walk back
1-2-3-4Right step R, Left cross touch behind Right, Left step Left, Right cross touch behind Left
5-6-7-8Walking fwd Right Left, Right, Left step beside Right
1-2-3-4Right step to R, Left touch behind Right, Left step to left, Right touch behind Left
5-6-7-8Walking back Right, Left, Right, Left step beside Right

(Section 5&6) ¼ Right turn Step side (with hand styling) Twist to front,
1-2-3-4¼ Right turn Right step to right with both hands swing point up, Left step to Left, Right step beside Left with both hands in pockets
5-6-7-8Twist body to front (12 o’clock)
1-2-3-4¼ Left turn Left Step to Left, Right step beside Left with both hands swing up
5-6-7-8Twist body to front

(Section 7&8) Walk backwards, Shake Right Shake Left
1-2, 3-4Walking Right Left Right backwards, left step beside left
5-6, 7-8Right step to Right, Left touch beside Right, Left step to Left, Right touch beside Left
1&2Shake or twist to Right, left, Right (*option moving to right)
3&4Shake or twist to Left, Right, Left, (* option moving to left)
5-6, 7-8Cross Right leg over Left, hold, ½ turn both feet to 6 o’clock

(Ending of 6th Wall Add tag 4 counts ((STOP SIGN… Right hand stretch out 1-2, Left hand stretch out 3-4)
(Last Wall 16 counts only face 12 o clock)

This dance is for easy beginners to enjoy! Thank you!

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