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Carolina Moon
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High Intermediate NC2S
Michael Barr (Feb 2014)
Leavin' The Light On by Darius Rucker / CD: True Believers
Intro: 16 counts / BPM: 80
Intro: Dance begins 2 counts before the word ‘Carolina’.

[1 - 8] Basic Night Club R & L (1-4&) – 1/4 Right, Chase 1/2 Turn, Spiral 3/4 Turn
1, 2&Step R side right (1); Rock step L behind R heel (2); Step R to left crossing in front of L (&) 12
3, 4&Step L side left (3); Rock step R behind L heel (4); Step L to right crossing in front of R (&) 12
5, 6&Turn ¼ right stepping forward onto R (5); Step L forward (6); Turn ½ right taking weight to R (&) 9
7, 8Step L forward (7); Step forward onto R into a spiral turn on the ball of the foot ¾ turn to your left (8) 12

[9 - 16] Sway L, R, L, Full Turn Right – Cross, Scissor Cross, 1/4 Turn Right
1, 2, 3Come out of spiral turn step L side left as you sway left (1); Sway right (2); Sway left (3) (weight L) 12
Tag: See below: The Tag will happen here on count 4 after the 3 sways.
Restart: Then you Restart the dance on the back wall.
4 & 5Turn ¼ right onto R (4); Turn ½ right, stepping back on L (&); Turn ¼ right, stepping R side right (5) 12
6&7&Step L in front of R (6); Step R side right (&); Step L next to R (7); Step R forward in front of L (&) 12
8&Turn ¼ right stepping back on L (8); Step R side right (open hips slightly to the right)3

[17 - 24] Cross, 2 ct. 3/4 Turn Left – Forward-1/4 Turn Left-Cross - 3 ct. Full Turn Right
1Step L side right in front of R (1) (prep for left turn) 12
2 - 3Turn ¼ left stepping back on R (2); Turn ½ left stepping forward on L (3) 6
4 & 5Step R forward (4); Turn ¼ left shifting weight to L (&); Step R in front of L (5) (prep for right turn) 3
6, 7, 8Turn ¼ right step back on L (6); Turn ½ right step forward on R (7); Turn ¼ right step L side left 3
Note As you step L to the left on count 8, lift the L slightly and step onto the ball of the L foot slowly sinking onto the full foot. This sets you up for count 1 below. Take a look?

[25 - 32] Prep L, Sweep 1/4 R, Weave Sweep – Weave Sweep, Walk, Walk, Press-Return
1After finishing ct. 8 from above prep your body/arms to the left leaning further into your left leg (1) 3
2Turn ¼ right in place shifting weight forward onto R and sweeping L from back to front (2)6
3 & 4Cross step L over R (3); Step R side right (&); Step L behind R and sweep R from front to back (4)6
5 & 6Step R behind L (5); Step L side left (&); Step R forward (6) 6
7Step L forward (7) 6
8&Press forward onto ball of R (8); Return weight to L in place (&) 6

Begin Again and Enjoy!

Tag: On wall 6, back wall, after the 3 sways in the 2nd section of 8, replace count 4 with: Touch R next to L

Restart: You will then Restart the dance from the beginning. Note the music will be instrumental only at that point.[6]

Note: Except for the Tag and Restart on wall 6 the dance just flows through the phrasing. I decided not to phrase the dance further by adding other restarts. I do hope you enjoy the dance.

Contact - Web: www.michaelandmichele.com / Email: mbarr@saber.net / 530.586.0255

Last Revision - 21st Feb 2014
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