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Carry On

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Dirk Leibing (DE) - January 2022
Carry On - Patricia Kelly
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Intro : 16 Counts

I. Dorothy Steps (R+L), Rock, Recover, Tripple ½ Turn
1-2&Step RF to right diagonal(1), Step LF behind RF(2), Step RF to right diagonal(&)
3-4&Step LF to left diagonal(3), Step RF behind LF(2), Step LF to left diagonal(&)
5-6Rock RF forward(5), Recover on LF(6)
7&8Turn ¼ right stepping RF right(7)(3:00), Close LF next to RF(&), Turn ¼ right stepping Rf forward(8)(6:00)

II. Rock, Recover, Coaster Step, Step, Turn ¼, Cross Shuffle
1-2Rock LF forward(1), Recover on RF(2) 3&4 Step LF back(3), Close RF next to LF(&), Step LF forward(4)
5-6Step RF forward(5), Turn ¼ left stepping LF left(6)(3:00)
7&8Cross RF in front of LF(7), Small Step LF left(&), Cross RF in front of LF(8)

III. Side, Behind, Side, Cross, Side, Back Rock, Kick Ball Cross
1-2&Step LF left(1), Step RF behind LF(2), Step LF left(&) 3-4 Cross RF in front of LF(3), Step LF left(4)
5-6Rock RF back(5), Recover on LF(6)
7&8Kick RF to right diagonal(7), Step ball of RF next to LF(&), Cross LF in front of RF(8)

IV. ½ Volta Turn over Right, Rock, Recover, Coaster Step
1&2&Step RF forward(1)(4:30), Step LF behind RF(&),Step RF forward(1)(6:00), Step LF behind RF(&),
3&4Step RF forward(3)(7:30), Step LF behind RF(&), Step RF forward(4)(9:00)
5-6Rock LF forward(5), Recover on RF(6)
7&8Step LF back(7), Close RF next to LF(&), Step LF forward(8)

Start again - Have Fun

Dirk Leibing -


Ribka January 12, 2022

Dirk January 16, 2022
Dankeschön ❤️❤️❤️

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