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Catchin' Fire

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High Improver
Dustin Valcalda (USA) - March 2022
Let's Build a Fire - Cody Johnson
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USLDCC Second Place Winner -Phrased Division- at H.O.T. 2022

Weight Starts Left Foot on – Dance begins after roughly 14 seconds on the word 'snap'

[1-8] R Side Point, L Side Point, diagonal step RF, touch LF, diagonal step LF back, kick RF
1,2Point RF to R, Step RF next to LF
3,4Point LF to L, Step LF next to RF
5,6Step RF diagonal R, Touch L toe next to RF
7,8Step LF diagonal back L, Kick RF

[9-16] Diagonal step RF Back R, Hitch LF behind R Leg, Step LF, Scuff RF 1/4 turn L, R Grapevine
1,2Step RF diagonal back R, Hitch LF behind R leg w/ optional heel slap
3,4Step LF forward, scuff RF turning 1/4 L
5,6,7,8Step RF to R, Step LF behind RF, step RF to R, touch LF beside RF

[17-24] L Grapevine turning 1/4 L, scuff, walk back, touch LF
1,2,3,4Step LF to L, Step RF behind LF, step LF to L turning 1/4 L, scuff RF
5,6,7,8Step RF back, step LF back, step RF back, touch LF beside RF
Variation for [1,2,3] can be a quick 1&1/4 turn L during lyrics ‘turn me on like an amplifier’ on wall 6.

[25-32] Step LF, Stomp RF, Step LF, Scuff RF, 1/4 Jazz Box R with cross
1,2Step LF forward, Stomp RF next to LF
3,4Step LF forward, Scuff RF
5,6,7,8Step RF over LF, step LF back turning 1/8 R, step RF diagonal R turning 1/8 R, cross LF over RF
Optional ending to dance as feet are crossed facing 3°, unwind ¾ over R shoulder to 12° as end of song hits.

Dance has 2 unique Tags:

Tag 1 occurs twice (wall 5, wall 14) after first 4 counts of dance (during distinct guitar riff)
[1-4] 1/2 Pivot L, 1/2 Pivot L
1,2Step RF forward, turn 1/2 L
3,4Step RF forward, turn 1/2 L
Dance restarts facing 12° on wall 6, and 9° on wall 15

Tag 2 occurs once (wall 12) after 24 counts (during guitar string slide following when ‘Ya’ll better back up’ is repeated)
[1-4] Slide LF back, Drag RF, Ball RF, Step LF
1,2Large step back LF, drag RF back
3,4Step RF next to LF, step LF forward
Restart dance facing 12°

Last Update: 8 Jun 2022


Patsey March 20, 2022

Ageli March 20, 2022
Love this dance. Great choreography

Liz11766 May 28, 2022
Great choreography!! Goes perfect with the song and is lots of fun to do!!!!

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