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Caught In The Act (無處可逃) (zh)

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Ann Wood (UK) - February 2004
Who's Been Sleeping in My Bed - Glenn Frey
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前奏: Start on vocals唱歌起跳
Right Kick Ball Cross X 2 Rock Rock Sailor Step
右踢交換交叉二次, 下沉回復  水手步
1 & 2
Kick Rt Foot Fwd Diagonally Rt, Step Rt Foot Down, Cross Step Left Foot Over Right  右足右斜角線前踢, 右足踏, 左足於右足前交叉踏
3 & 4
Repeat Counts 1 & 2  重覆 1&2 的動作
5 – 6
Rock Right Foot To Right Side, Recover Onto Left
右足右下沉, 左足回復
7 & 8
Step Rt Foot Behind Lt, Step Lt Beside Rt, Step Rt Foot Beside Lt
右足於左足後踏, 左足併踏, 右足併踏
Left Kick Ball Cross X 2 Rock Rock Sailor ¼ Turn
左踢交換交叉二次, 下沉回復  1/4轉水手步
9 & 10
Kick Lt Foot Fwd Diagonally Lt, Step Lt Foot Down, Cross Step Right Foot Over Left  左足左斜角線前踢, 左足踏, 右足於左足前交叉踏
11 & 12
Repeat Counts 9 & 10  重覆 1&2 的動作
13 – 14
Rock Left To Left Side, Recover Onto Right Foot
左足左下沉, 右足回復
15 & 16
Step Lt Foot Behind Rt, Step Rt Foot Down Making ¼ Turn Left ,Step Lt Fwd  左足於右足後踏, 左轉90度右足踏, 左足前踏
Rock ,Rock ,Right Coaster Step, Rock ,Rock Triple ½ Turn To Left
下沉回復, 右海岸步, 下沉回復, 小三步左轉1/2
17 – 18
Rock Forward On Right, Rock Back On Left
右足前下沉, 左足後下沉
19 & 20
Step Back On Right Step Left Beside Right Step, Step Forward On Right
右足後踏, 左足併踏, 右足前踏
21 – 22
Rock Forward On Left, Rock Back On Right
左足前下沉, 右足後下沉
23 & 24
Shuffle ½ Turn Left Stepping Left, Right, Left (3 O’Clock)
左轉180度交換步-, , (3點鐘)
Syncopated Forward Rock Steps, Back Left Shuffle, Rock Step
變奏前下沉回復, 左後交換步, 下沉回復
25 – 26
Rock Forward On Right, Rock Back On Left
右足前下沉, 左足後下沉
& 27 – 28
Step Right Quickly Beside Left Rock Forward On Left Rock Back On Right
右足快速併踏, 左足前下沉, 右足後下沉
29 & 30
Shuffle Back Stepping Left, Right, Left
後交換步-, ,
31 – 32
Rock Back On Right, Rock Forward On Left
右足後下沉, 左足前下沉
Rt And Lt Touch Holds, Rt & Lt Heel Switches, Step Fwd, ¼ Pivot Turn Left & 左 點候, & 左踵點踏, 前踏, 左轉1/4
33 – 34
Touch Rt To Rt Side, Hold One Count  右足右點,
&35 – 36
Step Rt Down, Touch Lt To Lt Side, Hold For One Count
右足踏, 左足左點,
& 37 & 38
Step Lt Down, Touch Rt Heel Fwd, Step Right Down, Touch Lt Heel Fwd
左足踏, 右足踵前點, 右足踏, 左足踵前點
&39 – 40
Step Lt Down , Step Right Fwd Make ¼ Pivot Turn Left. (12 O’ Clock)
左足踏, 左轉90度右足前踏(12點鐘)
Cross Shuffle, Hinge Turn To Rt, Cross Rock ,Side Shuffle
交叉交換, 右鏈轉, 交叉下沉, 側交換
41 &42
Cross Rt Over Left, Step Lt To Left, Cross Rt Over Left
右足於左足前交叉踏, 左足左踏, 右足於左足前交叉踏
43 - 44
Make ¼ Turn Rt Stepping On Lt, Make 1/4 Turn Right Steppingrt Beside Lt  右轉90度左足踏, 右轉90度右足併踏
45 – 46
Cross Rock Left Over Rt Recover Onto Rt
左足於右足前交叉下沉, 右足回復
47 & 48
Side Shuffle To Left Stepping Lt, Rt, Lt 
左交換步-, ,
Cross Touch, Slow Heel Jacks  交叉點, 慢速踵點踏
49–50 &
Cross Step Rt Over Lt Touch Lt Toe To Rt Heel Step Lt Down
右足於左足前交叉踏, 左足趾於右足踵併點, 左足踏
51 – 52
Touch Rt Heel Diagonally Fwd, Hold  右足踵斜角前點,
& 53 – 54
Step Down On Rt, Cross Lt Over Rt, Hold
右足踏, 左足於右足前交叉踏,
& 55 – 56
Step Down On Rt, Touch Lt Heel Diagonally Forward, Hold
右足踏, 左足踵斜角線前點,
Cross, ¼ Turn Rt, Coaster Step, Walk,Walk, Shuffle
交叉, 右轉1/4, 海岸步, , , 交換
&57 - 58
Step Lt Down, Cross Step Rt Over Lt, Make ¼ Turn Rt Stepping Back On Lt  左足踏, 右足於左足前交叉踏, 右轉90度左足後踏
59 & 60
Step Rt Back , Step Lt Beside Rt, Step Fwd Rt
右足後踏, 左足併踏, 右足前踏
61 – 62
Walk Forward Stepping Lt, Rt  前走步-,
63 – 64
Shuffle fwd lt, rt, lt 前交換步-, ,


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