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Celtic Horizon

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Absolute Beginner
Jerry Martin - March 2016
Cry of the Celts (Single Edit With Taps) - Ronan Hardiman : (CD: Lord of the Dance)
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Section 1- Step Toe Fan , Step Toe Fan
1-4Step right foot forward tap toes right left right
5-8Step left foot forward tap toes left right left

Section 2- Step Scuff Step Scuff Walk Back Right Left Right Left
1-4Step right foot forward scuff left heel, Step left foot forward scuff right heel
5-8Walk Back right left right left

Section 3-Side together side together clap , side together side together clap
1-4Step right to right side , step left beside right, step right to right side , touch left beside right, clap
5-8Step left to left side , step right beside left, step left to left side, touch right beside left , clap

Section 4- Step slide step slide , jazz box ¼ turn right
1-4Big step to right slide left foot to right , big step to left slide right foot to left
5-8Cross right foot over left , step back on left , step right foot ¼ turn right , step left foot beside right .

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Last Update – 10th April 2016


josefg07 March 14, 2016
The track we dance to is the short version of cry of the celts 2 mins 23 sec from the cd lord of the dance , the music video on this page is the wrong music . Our demo video is the correct track , thank you , joe and jerry

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