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Cette Année là ; 62

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Corinne DELY (FR) - March 2017
Cette année-là - M. Pokora
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Intro : 32 counts

S.1. Cross R , Point L ;Point Back , Point L , Behind side cross point R
1.Cross R over L
2 .Point L to L
3.Point L behind R
4.Point L to L
5.Cross L behind R
6.R side
7.Cross L behind R
8.Point R to R

S.2. Knee pops in out , Kick ball step R,Step turn 1/4 2 X
1-2Turn R knee In ,turn R Knee out
3&4Kick R , T step together Foraward L,
5-6Walk R , 1/4 turn to L
7-8Walk R , 1/4 turn to L

S.3. Shuffle forward R , Point L Hitch L, Shuffle forward L , Point R , Hitch R
1&2Forward R , L step together ( &) Forward R
3-4Point L to L , Hitch L (and flexing Knee R )
5&6Forward L , R step together ( &) Forward L
7-8Point R , Hitch R ( and flexing Knee L)

S.4. Jazz box 1/4 turn , Jump R , Together , Jump L , Jump Out out , Together
1-4Cross R over L, 1/4 turn to R L back , R to side R , together
5&6Jump together to R, Back to middle , Jump together to L
7-8Jump in removing the legs , Together

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