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Cha Cha Rosa

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Wendee Chen (MY) - August 2019
Mambo Cha from the album CHA CHA CHA MUSIC MIX #2
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Intro: 32 counts

Section 1 Side, Back Rock, Right Chasse ¼R, ¾R Pivot, Left Chasse
1-3Step LF to L, Rock RF back, Recover on LF 12:00
4&5Step RF to Re, step LF beside RF, Execute a ¼R stepping forward on RF 3:00
6-7Step LF forward, Execute a ¾R pivot turn shifting weight on RF 12:00
8&1Step LF to L, Step RF next to LF, step LF to L 12:00
Section 2 Fwd Rock, ½R Fwd Shuffle, Fwd ¼L Hitch, Cross Shuffle
2-3Rock RF forward, Recover on LF 12:00
4&5Execute a ½R stepping RF forward, lock LF behind RF, step RF forward 6:00
6-7Step LF forward, Hitch right knee into ¼ turn left on ball of LF 3:00
8&1Cross RF over LF, step LF to L, cross RF over LF 3:00
Section 3 ½R Hinge, Forward Mambo, 3/8R Curvy Walk, Forward Shuffle
2-3Execute a ¼R stepping LF back, Execute ¼R stepping RF to R 9:00
4&5Execute a 1/8R Rock LF forward, Recover on RF, step LF next to RF 10:30
6-7Execute a 1/8R stepping RF fwd, Execute a 1/8R stepping LF fwd 1.30
8&1Execute a 1/8R stepping RF fwd, Lock LF behind RF, Step RF fwd 3:00
Section 4 Fwd Rock Recover, Left Coaster, Cuban Breaks
2-3Rock LF forward, recover on RF 3:00
4&5Step LF back, step RF beside LF, step LF forward 3:00
6&7Cross rock RF over LF, recover on LF, step RF to R 3:00
8&Cross rock LF over RF, recover on RF 3:00


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This dance was choreographed for The Breast Cancer Support Group Johor Bahru’s Line Dance Charity ‘LET’S CELEBRATE & DANCE in celebration in conjunction with its 15th years as an NGO. The pink ribbon is an international symbol of breast cancer awareness. Rosa is pink in Spanish and as it is a cha cha rhythm dance, so it’s called Cha Cha Rosa.

A big thank you and hug to Dr. Lim for giving me the opportunity to choreograph for the event. Thank you to Jennifer Choo and Tracy Hoo for your inspiration and encouragement.

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